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Music Reviews: + more

Def Leppard: Def Leppard
Compact Discs: Marking the longest gap between albums in their entire career, Def Leppard produce a fitting and frequently rewarding return with their self-titled studio album.
· Mutemath: Vitals
· Born Of Osiris: Soul Sphere
· Composite Acoustics: Cargo
· Foo Fighters: Saint Cecilia [EP]
· Gorod: A Maze Of Recycled Creeds
· Dean: Dimebag Concrete Sledge ML
· Epiphone: Matt Heafy Les Paul Custom-7
· Extreme Noise Terror: Extreme Noise Terror
· Billy Gibbons And The BFG's: Perfectamundo
· Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings
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Music News: + more

The Power Of Bend: These Are 45 (!) Different Ways To Bend Guitar Strings
Entertainment: "Piano players WISH they could do something this cool."
· Wednesday Question: Most Annoying Song In Rock/Metal
· Megadeth Streaming Heavy New Song 'The Threat Is Real'
· Stone Sour Guitarist: These Are The Things Beginner Guitarists Overlook
· John Frusciante Is Giving Away Six Albums' Worth Of Music, Take A Listen
· Problem Many Modern Metal Bands Are Facing Is That They All Sound The Same, Producer Explains
· Eagles Of Death Metal Open Up About Horrors Of Paris Attack For The First Time, Full Interview Available
· Earnings & Attendance: How Much Money Van Halen, Butcher Babies, Puscifer + More Grossed At Recent Shows
More News and Interviews »
Featured Lessons: + more

Ritchie Blackmore - E Phrygian Dominant Scale Lick
Soloing: This article and video lesson explores Ritchie Blackmore's use of E Phrygian Dominant on Rainbow's "Gates of Babylon."
· Guitar Clarity Training
· Decoding Phrygian Dominant
· Cmaj7 Alternate Picking Shapes
· Single String Funky Motown Riffs
· Rock Your Guitar Practice Routine
· Figuring Out Songs By Ear - A Lost Art
· The Best Alternate Picking Exercise - With Kevin Goetz
· Endless New Ways To Play The Same II V I Voicings - With Jens Larsen
· Gimmie Three Strings: A Lesson In Alternate Tunings In Only Three Steps - Drop D To Double Drop D To Open G
More Lessons »
Guest Articles: + more
How to Win the Crowd
The Guide To, by karstaag666
Seven effective tips for winning a crowd at your concert.
10 Crazy Rockstar Antics

General Music, by UG Team

6 Weird Things That Sparked Band Breakups

General Music, by UG Team

What If Metallica Never Released 'The Black Album?'

Fiction, by RosetaStoned351

If Guns N' Roses Do Come Back, Could They Still Deliver the Goods?

Artists' Discussions, by alecplowman

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Green Day - Working Class Hero Green Day

chords, by ZackDefqon

Adele - Lay Me Down

chords, by ClassicalfreaK

Foo Fighters - Saint Cecilia

chords, by briantillinger

Children Of Bodom - My Bodom

guitar pro, by <Arcane>

AC/DC - Some Sin For Nuthin

guitar, by jothunder

Gojira - The Fall

guitar pro, by fyrren

Coldplay - Up And Up

chords, by LYNX-Music

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