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Music Reviews: + more

Alien Ant Farm: Always And Forever
Compact Discs: After almost a decade since their last album, Alien Ant Farm fail to reinvent themselves with their fifth album, "Always and Forever."
· Yamaha: RBX170EW
· Ensiferum: One Man Army
· Ufo: A Conspiracy Of Stars
· Falling In Reverse: Just Like You
· Adrenaline Mob: Dearly Departed
· Ibanez: JEM70V Steve Vai Signature
· Pond: Man It Feels Like Space Again
· All That Remains: The Order Of Things
· Blind Guardian: Beyond The Red Mirror
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Music News: + more

15-Year-Old Girl Offers A Ripping Cover Of Dragonforce's 'Through The Fire And Flames'
Entertainment: Tina S is back!
· UG Showdown, Finals: Dimebag Darrell Vs. Brian May
· As Of Today, Bandcamp Has Raised Over $100 Million For Music Artists
· Turns Out Beck's Dad Worked With Beyonce, Plus On 450 More Gold And Platinum Albums
· Ex-Asking Alexandria Singer Danny Worsnop: 'The State Of Rock Is Horrible, Everyone's A Copy Of Each Other'
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Featured Lessons: + more

How To Get The Spark Back Into Your Acoustic Guitar Playing With These 3 Killer Techniques - Part 2
Correct Practice: Here are 3 more very cool and creative ways in which you can play your guitar.
· A Simple Trick For Jazz And Blues Guitar Licks
· Inside And Alternative Soloing Scales To The Maj7 Chord
· Blues Soloing: Outlining The Changes Without Shifting Positions
· Simple Technique How To Learn Guitar Solos And Songs Faster
· Black Label Society: 'Angel Of Mercy' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa
More Lessons »
Guest Articles: + more
How I Breathed New Life Into My Playing Experience
General Music, by RyanLoftusMusic
An article for musicians who are looking for the next stage in their musical journey.
History of Death Metal: Part 3

The History Of, by Head of Metal

A Different View on Music Piracy

General Music, by spokerman12

How Do You Get That Sound? Easier Than You Think. My Rig, Explained

Gear Maintenance, by JMGuitarTuition

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Jethro Tull - Teacher

guitar pro, by VitoToaletta

My Chemical Romance - Desert Song Acoustic

guitar, by marikagrig

Coldplay - Twisted Logic

chords, by siemj

Blink 182 - All The Small Things

chords, by jnguyen2188

Pink Floyd - Julia Dream

chords, by CLoew

Biffy Clyro - Machines

chords, by M_Lechner

Afi - Morningstar

chords, by aarnik

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