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Music Reviews: + more

Chapman Guitars: ML-3 Modern
Electric Guitars: The best way to describe this guitar is like having a Les Paul and a single coil Telecaster all in the same package, that sounds and feels American made, with a Korean made price tag.
· Mew: + -
· Veil Of Maya: Matriarch
· Faith No More: Sol Invictus
· Incubus: Trust Fall (Side A) [EP]
· Hinder: When The Smoke Clears
· My Morning Jacket: The Waterfall
· Brian May Guitars: Brian May Special
· Silverstein: I Am Alive In Everything I Touch
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Music News: + more

Perry Farrell Was 'Very Angry' The First Time Metallica Played Lollapalooza
General Music News: Jane's Addiction singer admits he was "kind of harsh" to thrash legends.
· Scott Weiland 'Technically' Still In Art Of Anarchy
· Ace Frehley: 'I'd Have Made It With Or Without KISS'
· Man Dies After Falling From Catwalk At Chevelle Concert
· U2 Change 'Pride (In The Name Of Love)' Lyrics To Celebrate Irish Gay Marriage Ruling
· Chester Bennington: STP Vocalist Position Was 'Vacant' Long Before Weiland Was Fired
More News and Interviews »
Featured Lessons: + more

How To Sound More Like Your Guitar Heroes
Correct Practice: This article takes the strategy a step further by showing you how to add dimension and musical expression to the songs you learn.
· The Use Of Scales
· The Lydian Mode With Jens Larsen
· How To Create 'Atonal' Guitar Metal Licks
· How To Boost Alternate Picking Speed And Accuracy
· The Role Of Self-Esteem For Musicians - With Kevin Goetz
· The Relative Nature Of Time: Calculating For The Speed Of Music In Space-Time
More Lessons »
Guest Articles: + more
BB King: A Life Retrospective + Cool Moments
Features, by UG Team
The life of a legend.
Guide to Pedals: Fuzz Pedals

The Guide To, by marianoarnaiz

8 Albums by Classic Bands With Poor Production

Features, by UG Team

10 Day Jobs of Famous Rock and Metal Musicians

Features, by UG Team

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Muse - Mercy

guitar, by Blazehead92

Pink Floyd - Fearless

chords, by gatroe

John Mayer - Im On Fire

chords, by asehauDLM

Kid Rock - Collide

chords, by Unregistered

Misfits - Descending Angel

chords, by gaftfreak

Kamelot - Veil Of Elysium

guitar, by Unregistered

Faith No More - From The Dead

chords, by sick_child

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