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Music Reviews: + more

Shinedown: Threat To Survival
Compact Discs: Shinedown's fifth album, "Threat to Survival," has the band replacing its instrumental strength for poppy, anthemic grandeur for worse.
· Parkway Drive: Ire
· Chvrches: Every Open Eye
· G&L: Tribute ASAT Junior II
· Fender: Jim Root Stratocaster
· Silversun Pickups: Better Nature
· The Dead Weather: Dodge And Burn
· Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats: The Night Creeper
· King Crimson: Live At L'Olympia, Paris, September 20, 2015
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Music News: + more

Guitarist Quits Corporate Job To Play On Streets Around US Full Time, This Is How It Turned Out
General Music News: Bret Dallas left the corporate world after 15 years.
· Busking Band Fined For Breaking Noise Limit In Dublin
· Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes Urges Drug Addicts To Seek Help
· Satyricon Frontman Satyr Has Been Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor
· 90% Of New Guitarists Quit In First Year, And That's Why Fender Is Going Digital
· UG Showdown, Mark II, Quarterfinals: 'Sultans Of Swing' Vs. 'Stairway To Heaven'
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Featured Lessons: + more

Megadeth: 'High Speed Dirt' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa
Soloing: Check out this amazing fusion of rock and metal in the solo to "High Speed Dirt" by Megadeth.
· Lead Guitar Soloing Basics
· Mixed Scale Runs: Picking + Legato
· Jazz Improvisation Exercises - Play The Melody
· Introduction To Sweep Picking And Its Musical Uses
· 3 Simple Fingerpicking Patterns That Rock! - Part 1
· How To Get Organized Before Learning New Songs: Learn Faster And More Efficiently
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Guest Articles: + more
Killing the Myths of Low Volume Amp Performance
The Guide To, by Arby911
Clearing up the misconceptions about low volume performance and tone quality.
Picking the Right Guitar

The Guide To, by ElGuitarLessons

An Introduction to VSTs

The Guide To, by b.east

Overcoming a Playing Rut

The Guide To, by matthewstross

11 Amazing Guitar Street Performers

General Music, by UG Team

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