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Music Reviews: + more

All Time Low: Future Hearts
Compact Discs: Ambivalence between an old All Time Low and a new All Time Low is dealt in spades on the band's sixth album, "Future Hearts."
· Drenge: Undertow
· Europe: War Of Kings
· Katatonia: Sanctitude
· Mark Knopfler: Tracker
· Minsk: The Crash & The Draw
· Death Grips: The Powers That B
· Hollywood Undead: Day Of The Dead
· Nightwish: Endless Forms Most Beautiful
· Fender: Custom Shop Rory Gallagher Signature Stratocaster
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Music News: + more

Astronaut Chris Hadfield To Release Album He Recorded In Space
General Music News: "Off Planet" was recorded during his 5 months on the ISS.
· Top 15 Coolest-Looking Guitars Ever
· Megadeth Wanted Menza To 'Record For Free'
· Corey Taylor Reflects On 'Insane' Slipknot Debut
· Ozzy Osbourne Refuses To Apologize To Bill Ward
· Kirk Hammett: Jamming With Meshuggah Was An 'Amazing Experience'
· Hatebreed Vocalist Slams Death Metal Fans For Not Buying More Albums
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Featured Lessons: + more

How To Write Harmonies. Part 1
The Basics: A guitar harmony is a great way to make a simple melody sound totally awesome.
· Gliss Picking Technique
· Sussing Out Suspended Chords - Part 2
· Introduction To Rhythmic Notation: Part 2
· How To Learn Your Scales In No Time Flat
· Chords And Walking Bass Part 1 With Jens Larsen
· Racer X C# Locrian Alternate Picking Lick With Chris Zoupa
· How To Create Killer Acoustic Solos Using Chords On Your Guitar
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Guest Articles: + more
11 Rock Stars Who Are Good at Sports
Features, by UG Team
Turns out rock and metal musicians can excel at sports too.
Guide to Pedals: Boost Pedals

The Guide To, by marianoarnaiz

10 Unusual Hobbies of Rock Musicians

Features, by UG Team

10 Guitarists Who Look Great on a List

Fiction, by JohnSeminario

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