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Music Reviews: + more

Tool: Obliquus Externus
Compact Discs: For 66 minutes, the listener will stand still. After that, nothing will be the same. Your life will change. It's the new Tool album, briefly leaked by a group of hackers this morning.
· Ibanez: RG927WZCZ
· Paul Reed Smith: Studio
· Three Days Grace: Human
· Sleeping With Sirens: Madness
· Prodigy: The Day Is My Enemy
· Modest Mouse: Strangers To Ourselves
· Earl Sweatshirt: I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside
· Fender: Custom Shop Rory Gallagher Signature Stratocaster
More Reviews »
Music News: + more

Kanye West To Appear On New Megadeth Album: 'My Creative Genius Will Earn Them A Grammy, Or I'll Be P-ssed!'
General Music News: Frontman Dave Mustaine excited about using auto-tune on guitar, says "it might even turn out better than my orchestra performance."
· Brian May Guests On Charity Single
· David Lee Roth Bursts Nose On TV Stage
· Wednesday Question: Best Comedy Rock Act
· Metallica Releasing New Album On April 24 As Exclusive Content On Apple Watch
· Guns N' Roses Part Ways With Axl Rose, Announce Ex-Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop As New Singer
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Featured Lessons: + more

How To Take Your Blues Rhythm Skills To The Next Level
Guitar Techniques: In this lesson, I'll show you how to make all of your riffs sound funky, sweet, forceful or any other emotion that you feel.
· Horizontal And Vertical Approaches To Practising Scales
· The Devil's Chord: R + 6-6-6
· Create Your Own Custom Blues Shapes
· The Augmented Scale With Jens Larsen
· Am 3 Octave Shred Lick With Chris Zoupa
· Learn Tapping In 5 Minutes With A Simple Pentatonic Exercise
· This Is Why You Suck At Guitar: Weekend Wankshop With Ben Eller
More Lessons »
Guest Articles: + more
10 Highly Educated Rock Musicians
Features, by UG Team
"If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library." - Frank Zappa.
How to Build a Basic Pedalboard

The Guide To, by PedalFreak94

The Sex Pistols and Philosophy

Artists' Discussions, by georgeguitarman

10 Statues Honoring Rock Greats

Features, by UG Team

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