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Music Reviews: + more

J Mascis: Tied To A Star
Compact Discs: J Mascis' second solo album "Tied to a Star" travels beyond the glum range that most coffeehouse acoustic music dwells in.
· Carvin: DC800
· Gotthard: Bang!
· Ibanez: S5528LW
· Buckcherry: Fuck [EP]
· Opeth: Pale Communion
· He Is Legend: Heavy Fruit
· Ace Frehley: Space Invader
· Dragonforce: Maximum Overload
· New Pornographers: Brill Bruisers
· Thousand Foot Krutch: Oxygen : Inhale
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Music News: + more

Led Zeppelin Present Second Wave Of Reissues
General Music News: Trailer for "Led Zeppelin IV" and "Houses of the Holy" remasters features unreleased version of "Black Dog."
· Andre 3000: 'Playing Hendrix Saved Me'
· Bruce Springsteen To Release Graphic Novel
· Opeth: 'We Still Feel That We Belong To The Metal Scene'
· The 1975's Matt Healy: 'I'll Always Find Ways Of Disliking Myself'
· New AC/DC Album Took Only 10 Days To Record, Says Phil Rudd
· 'Game Of Thrones' Theme Gets An Unlikely Cover By French Singer
More News and Interviews »
Featured Lessons: + more

Melodic Hardcore 101
Music Styles: Teaching the basics to writing and understanding behind melody driven hardcore music.
· Target Notes With Jens Larsen
· The Chromatic Scale - Only 12 Notes!
· 3 Note Per String Penatonics With Flat 5
· Jazz Chord Essentials: Triads With Jens Larsen
· Dio: 'Holy Diver' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa
· 3 Reasons You'll Be Stoked If You Do Some Ear Training
· How To Use The Dominant Pentatonic Scale In Your Blues Guitar Soloing
More Lessons »
Guest Articles: + more
Private Shows: How Much Does It Cost to Book Your Favorite Band
Features, by jomatami
Want QOTSA for your backyard BBQ? Sure, but it'll cost ya.
British Guitar Music: What's Next?

General Music, by Tombe

Rockin' Pets: 16 Rockstars and Their Pets

Features, by jomatami

5 Tips to Stop Playing Like Them and Start Playing Like Yourself

Features, by charliebutton

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Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

chords, by Soliriarte

Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice

guitar pro, by pibouc

12 Stones - Broken

chords, by NBA96

Dragonforce - Desciples Of Babylon

guitar, by wesleyzimmerm

Megadeth - Black Swan

guitar pro, by agora789

Interpol - All Of The Ways

chords, by raisinthestakes

Arctic Monkeys - Mad Sounds

guitar pro, by emal011

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D'Angelico EX-SS Guitar Giveaway!
Win the impeccably crafted D'Angelico EX-SS archtop guitar!
All available contests »
T-Rex Replica Delay Pedal
The Replica delay pedal embodies everything T-Rex Engineering stands for: the perfect feature set, simple, intuitive design and extraordinary tone.

Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial 1x12 Combo

PRS SE Santana

PRS SE 30 Combo Amplifier
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