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Music Reviews: + more

Unearth: Watchers Of Rule
Compact Discs: The sixth full-length studio release by the band proves to be a strong effort, continuing in the same vein as their last album, "Darkness in the Light."
· Ibanez: RGIR28FE
· Ok Go: Hungry Ghosts
· Bush: Man On The Run
· Texas In July: Bloodwork
· Exodus: Blood In, Blood Out
· Slipknot: .5: The Gray Chapter
· Rancid: ...Honor Is All We Know
· Flaming Lips: With A Little Help From My Fwends
· Primus: Primus & The Chocolate Factory With The Fungi Ensemble
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Music News: + more

Foo Fighters Honor Kurt Cobain In New Song 'Congregation'
Upcoming Releases: Check out the latest "Sonic Highways" track inside.
· Announcing UG Showdown: First Round Starts This Friday!
· Steven Wilson Releases Collaboration Song In Honor Of Late Fan
· Crobot Streaming Debut Album 'Something Supernatural' In Full
· Tony Iommi Composed Music For 'CSI,' Is Busy Compiling New Sabbath Riffs
· Technical Death Metal Goes Banjo: Rob Scallon Presents Spawn Of Possession Cover
· Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Prepared For New 'Horns' Role By Cranking Up Megadeth
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Featured Lessons: + more

Dream Theater: 'Pull Me Under' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa
Soloing: Check out this step by step article and tutorial on the classic solo John Petrucci plays in "Pull Me Under" by Dream Theater.
· 'B' Intervalic Pentatonic Lick
· I Hate Guitar Today - How To Feel Inspired Again
· Ozzy Osbourne: 'Crazy Train' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa
· 14 Powerful Quick Tips That Can Help You Instantly Improve Your Guitar Tone
· How To Avoid Feeling Bored And Stale With Your Acoustic Guitar Playing - Part 1
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Guest Articles: + more
6 Reasons Why Stevie Ray Vaughan Needs to Be Inducted Into Rock Hall
Artists' Discussions, by jomatami
Give the blues rock master some love!
Metal in Japan: Part 1

The History Of, by Head of Metal

Introduction to Goregrind and Pornogore

Genres' Battles, by wateyy

10 Songs Revolving Around Mental Issues

Features, by jomatami

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