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Music Reviews: + more

Trivium: Silence In The Snow
Compact Discs: The seventh album by the band is the first to include Mat Madiro on drums, and features Matt Heafy solely singing clean vocals after injuring his voice during a live performance in 2014.
· Lana Del Rey: Honeymoon
· Chvrches: Every Open Eye
· Fender: Jim Root Stratocaster
· Shinedown: Threat To Survival
· Hadean: EG-628 Fretless Guitar
· Silversun Pickups: Better Nature
· Blessthefall: To Those Left Behind
· Epiphone: Limited Edition Union Jack Sheraton
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Music News: + more

Get Involved In The Campaign For A Metalocalypse Finale!
General Music News: Countdown reveals extensive campaign to get the show back on the air.
· Keith Richards: I Don't Like Led Zeppelin, They're Hollow
· Find Out What Metal Songs Sound Like Without Guitar Distortion
· Check Out Coheed And Cambria Frontman Busking To Kindergarteners In New Video
· That Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, QOTSA Supergroup Is Streaming Debut Single, Take A Listen
· During Recording Of 'Book Of Souls,' Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith Lost Phone With Song Idea Videos... That He Recorded In His Underpants
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Featured Lessons: + more

Two Hand Tapping 'Halloween' Theme Song Lesson With Uncle Ben
Soloing: Join good ol' Uncle Ben on a very special Halloween lesson.
· Lead Guitar Soloing Basics
· 4th Mode Of Harmonic Minor With Jens Larsen
· Jazz Improvisation Exercises - Play The Melody
· 3 Simple Fingerpicking Patterns That Rock! - Part 1
· Alcatrazz / Yngwie Malmsteen: 'Starcarr Lane' Video Lesson
· Megadeth: 'High Speed Dirt' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa
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Guest Articles: + more
The Awesome Guide to Acoustic Guitar EQ
The Guide To, by rob.mayzes
How to EQ acoustic guitar the right way. Get general tips, specific instructions and best practices.
Picking the Right Guitar

The Guide To, by ElGuitarLessons

An Introduction to VSTs

The Guide To, by b.east

11 Amazing Guitar Street Performers

General Music, by UG Team

Killing the Myths of Low Volume Amp Performance

The Guide To, by Arby911

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