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Music Reviews: + more

Kix: Rock Your Face Off
Compact Discs: Kix stand on top with a performance that can only be described as authentic on their first effort in nearly two decades.
· Ibanez: S5528LW
· Washburn: XM-STD2
· Wovenwar: Wovenwar
· Darkest Hour: Darkest Hour
· The Gaslight Anthem: Get Hurt
· Belphegor: Conjuring The Dead
· Cold World: How The Gods Chill
· Paul Gilbert: Stone Pushing Uphill Man
· Real Friends: Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing
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Music News: + more

Bush Releasing New Album 'Man On The Run' In October
Upcoming Releases: Produced by Nick Raskulinecz, "Man on the Run" is the follow-up to 2011's "The Sea of Memories," which was Bush's first release in 10 years.
· Nickelback Premiere New Single 'Edge Of A Revolution'
· Trioscapes Premiere 'Digital Dream Sequence' Title Track Video, Full Album Officially Out
· NFL Wants Artists To Pay To Perform At Super Bowl Half-Time Show, Narrows Down Potential Acts
· YouTube's Subscription Service Plans Leak: Offline Play, Ad-Free, 20 Million Songs, $9.99 Per Month
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Featured Lessons: + more

Dio: 'Holy Diver' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa
Soloing: Check out this step by step article and tutorial on the amazing solo from "Holy Diver" by Dio.
· Target Notes With Jens Larsen
· 3 Note Per String Penatonics With Flat 5
· Melodic Minor - An Introduction With Jens Larsen
· 3 Reasons You'll Be Stoked If You Do Some Ear Training
· Practicing Guitar When You Don't Have A Guitar With You
· Spice Up Your Guitar Licks With The Use Of Movable Intervals
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Guest Articles: + more
British Guitar Music: What's Next?
General Music, by Tombe
Is British guitar music getting loud and proud all over again?
Guitar Elders: How to Select a Guitar

Junkyard, by zyzzyx6

Rockin' Pets: 16 Rockstars and Their Pets

Features, by jomatami

5 Tips to Stop Playing Like Them and Start Playing Like Yourself

Features, by charliebutton

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Killers - Under The Gun

chords, by domjwood

Lana Del Rey - Blue Velvet

chords, by Unregistered

Flyleaf - City Kids

chords, by ofshotthefirst

Chris Tomlin - Almighty

chords, by shoebacca1

Dimmu Borgir - For The World To Dictate Our Death

guitar pro, by kovi

Coldplay - The Scientist

chords, by michaelyisrael

Kinks - Waterloo Sunset

chords, by czgibson

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D'Angelico EX-SS Guitar Giveaway!
Win the impeccably crafted D'Angelico EX-SS archtop guitar!
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PRS SE 30 Combo Amplifier
The PRS SE 30 is a versatile amp with a great combination of modern and vintage tones.

LsL T-Bone Paisley 'Penny'

Bad Cat Cub II R Combo

The Epiphone PRO-1 Demonstration by Bryan Aspey
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