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Music Reviews: + more

Joe Bonamassa: Different Shades Of Blue
Compact Discs: Joe Bonamassa unearths a familiar compilation of soulful, hard hitting blues rock on his new studio album, "Different Shade of Blue."
· Xerath: III
· Aphex Twin: Syro
· Lenny Kravitz: Strut
· Alt-j: This Is All Yours
· Ibanez: DT520 Destroyer
· The Drums: Encyclopedia
· Matty Mullins: Matty Mullins
· Hufschmid: H7 Headless Baritone
· Mr Big: ...The Stories We Could Tell
· Washburn: Parallaxe PXS10FRDLXWB
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Music News: + more

Scott Ian: 'Dave Mustaine Was The Real Front Man Of Metallica'
General Music News: Anthrax guitarist shares interesting insight on Dave's Metallica firing, check it out inside.
· Slipknot: 'We F--kin' Put The New Drummer Through The Wringer'
· New Exodus Album Will Rip You To Pieces, And This Sample Clip Proves It
· If You Google Bon Jovi, There's A Nearly 20 Percent Chance You'll Get A Virus
· Stoned Drummer Accidentally Sits On Seatless Drum Stool, Ends Up With 36 Stitches On Scrotum
· Roger Waters Patiently Informs Fans He's Not A Member Of Pink Floyd: 'This Is Not Rocket Science People, Get A Grip'
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Featured Lessons: + more

'E' Dominant Phrygian Shred Lick
Soloing: Check out this cool lick to build speed with an exotic edge!
· Jazz Chord Survival Kit By Jens Larsen
· Pedal-Point Riffs: Metal Rhythm Guitar Basics
· How To Get More Guitar Tones (Instant And FREE)
· 5 Sight Singing Tips To Make Sure You Make Fast Progress
· Advanced Palm Muting Concepts - Metal Guitar Lesson
· Ultimate Guide To Carnatic/South Indian Melakarta Ragas/Scales
· Michael Jackson: 'Beat It' EVH Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa
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Guest Articles: + more
A Musician's Perspective on How to Ensure a Fun, Productive Studio Session
Artists' Discussions, by damillion
This is a guide for the inexperienced studio-goer, or the person who's having a bad time in the studio.
The Mike Dirnt Paradox

General Music, by Silverpack

10 Songs With Great 42 Second Marks

Fiction, by JohnSeminario

Basics: 10 Famous Songs Using Only 3 Chords

Features, by jomatami

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Pigtronix Disnortion
Pigtronix Disnortion sports parallel Fuzz and Overdrive circuits, allowing you to pile on the gain without sacrificing clarity, dynamic response, punch or low end.

T-Rex Replica Delay Pedal

Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial 1x12 Combo

PRS SE Santana

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