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Music Reviews: + more

The Tallest Man On Earth: Dark Bird Is Home
Compact Discs: Despite conjuring mixed reception by recently straying from acoustic minimalism, The Tallest Man On Earth's fourth album ventures further into a bigger sound.
· Mew: + -
· Veil Of Maya: Matriarch
· Faith No More: Sol Invictus
· Electro-Harmonix: Pitch Fork
· Incubus: Trust Fall (Side A) [EP]
· Chapman Guitars: ML-3 Modern
· My Morning Jacket: The Waterfall
· Silverstein: I Am Alive In Everything I Touch
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Music News: + more

Listen To Metallica's 'Master Of Puppets' Remixed With 'St. Anger' Snare Drum
Entertainment: As always, the internet is full of gems.
· Paul McCartney Almost Starred In US TV Show 'Friends'
· Producer Glenn Fricker Picks Top 5 Free Plugins For Metal Production
· Radiohead Frontman Thom Yorke Wrote A Soundtrack That's 18 Days Long
· Thin Lizzy Almost Didn't Release 'The Boys Are Back In Town,' Guitarist Scott Gorham Reveals
· Earnings And Attendance: How Much Money Rush, Slipknot, Tremonti And More Grossed At Recent Shows
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Featured Lessons: + more

Lamb Of God: 'Ghost Walking' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa
Soloing: Hey guys check out this step by step tutorial for the amazing solo from "Ghost Walking" by Lamb of God.
· The Use Of Scales
· Operation Shred Guitar III: The Shredding!
· How To Sound More Like Your Guitar Heroes
· Question Everything: Exposing False Science
· Moving Beyond Chord Progressions In Songwriting
· How To Boost Alternate Picking Speed And Accuracy
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Guest Articles: + more
BB King: A Life Retrospective + Cool Moments
Features, by UG Team
The life of a legend.
Guide to Pedals: Fuzz Pedals

The Guide To, by marianoarnaiz

8 Albums by Classic Bands With Poor Production

Features, by UG Team

Things You Must Know When Pursuing a Career in the Music Industry

The Guide To, by UG Team

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Kamelot - Lunar Sanctum

guitar pro, by lazzle22

Arch Enemy - Behind The Smile

guitar pro, by zakk912

Rise Against - Six Ways Till Sunday

chords, by gildedvoice

Bob Dylan - Make You Feel My Love

ukulele chords, by maguri

Avicii - Waiting For Love

chords, by micks343

Breaking Benjamin - Phase

guitar pro, by Dr_Cardiopatico

Black Sabbath - Orchid

guitar, by stockert

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