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Music Reviews: + more

Motorhead: Bad Magic
Compact Discs: For a band that's been releasing music for almost 40 years, and especially one that is known for essentially releasing the same album over and over, Motörhead still has a few tricks up their sleeve.
· Ghost: Meliora
· Lynch Mob: Rebel
· Pod: The Awakening
· Disturbed: Immortalized
· The Sword: High Country
· Buckcherry: Rock 'N' Roll
· Bon Jovi: Burning Bridges
· Vintage: V100AFD Paradise
· The Devil Wears Prada: Space [EP]
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Music News: + more

UG Showdown, Mark II, Round II: 'For The Love Of God' Vs. 'Texas Flood'
UG News: Cast your votes inside!
· Back To School: 11 Songs To Make Your Return To School Easier
· New Slayer Song 'Cast The First Stone' Is Packed With Doom And Gloom
· Air Guitar World Championship Is An Actual Thing, Meet The Winner Of Its 20th Edition
· Guitarist Tries To Learn Sweep Picking From Scratch In 100 Days, These Are His Results
· Ghost: 'Most People In Western World Need To Be On Medication Because They Lack Purpose In Life'
· Chris Adler (Megadeth, Lamb Of God): 'I Never Use Drum Triggers, They Cause More Problems Than They Solve'
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Featured Lessons: + more

This Is Why You Suck At Guitar: Your Tapping Sucks!
Guitar Techniques: Join your good pal uncle Ben Eller on a rip roaring romp through the tremendous technique we call tapping!
· Month Of Shred, Week 4: The Final Shred
· Stacked Sus2 Arpeggio Exercise With Chris Zoupa
· Making The Most Out Of The Scales You Already Know
· How To Make 10 II V I Licks With A Gm7 Arpeggio With Jens Larsen
· This Is Why You Suck At Guitar: Your Barres And Barre Chords Suck!
· Tighten Your Rhythm Playing With Three Brand-New Lamb Of God Riffs
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Guest Articles: + more
Why My Music Career Failed
General Music, by zordan123
Here I am, 28 years old, sitting in front of my refurbished laptop in my stinky apartment, writing an article for UG...
How I Write Album Reviews, Part 2

Features, by Head of Metal

10 Songs That Use Weird Instruments

Features, by UG Team

10 Less Famous John Frusciante Songs

Artists' Discussions, by SirZep

Banhammer: Nine Metal Bands That Got Banned

Features, by UG Team

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Boyce Avenue - Beautiful Soul

chords, by Sefiro

Korn - Blind

guitar pro, by kelele_head

5 Seconds Of Summer - Broken Pieces

chords, by amberfox264

Bring Me The Horizon - True Friends

guitar pro, by Tupsu-

My Chemical Romance - Scarecrow

chords, by jojo1189

Cradle Of Filth - Lovesick For Mina

guitar pro, by bruno_camrod

Muse - Take A Bow

chords, by grifsgames75

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