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Music Reviews: + more

Ibanez: PS120 Paul Stanley Signature
Electric Guitars: Ibanez PS120 guitar is the budget version of the PS10, Paul Stanley's signature model.
· Turbowolf: Two Hands
· Trickfinger: Trickfinger
· The Wombats: Glitterbug
· B.C. Rich: Ironbird NJ Series
· All Time Low: Future Hearts
· Brian Wilson: No Pier Pressure
· Alkaloid: The Malkuth Grimoire
· Sworn In: The Lovers/The Devil
· Seventh Dan Counterforce: Seven Year Storm [EP]
· Freaks Like Me: Philosophies For The Modern Ant [EP]
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Music News: + more

Top 10 Greatest Djent Bands Of All Time
UG News: Dj0nt time.
· Iced Earth Back In Business With 'The Judas Goat'
· Scott Weiland And The Wildabouts Announce New Guitarist
· It's Official: Lamb Of God Have Begun Working On New Album
· Pornstar Shot A Porn Movie At Metal Festival With 12 Concertgoers
· Footage Of Green Day Playing On High School Campus In 1990 Surfaces
· Queens Of The Stone Age Launch Charity Benefiting Ill And Disabled Musicians
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Featured Lessons: + more

Megadeth: 'Skin O' My Teeth' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa
Soloing: Check out this step by step article on how to play Marty Friedman's solo in the Megadeth classic "Skin O' My Teeth."
· The Mystical Romanian Scale
· How To Write Harmonies. Part 1
· Using Intervals For Emotion - Part 3
· How To Learn Your Scales In No Time Flat
· How To Avoid Sucking As A Self-Taught Guitarist
· Jeff Beck's Lead Guitar Style With Andrew Wasson
· The Jimi Chord: That's Some Backwards Guitar, Bro!
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Guest Articles: + more
10 Rock and Metal Musicians Who Defeated Cancer
Features, by UG Team
F-ck cancer.
Guide to Pedals: Overdrive Pedals

The Guide To, by marianoarnaiz

11 Rock Stars Who Are Good at Sports

Features, by UG Team

10 Guitarists Who Look Great on a List

Fiction, by JohnSeminario

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