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Music Reviews: + more

The Aristocrats: Tres Caballeros
Compact Discs: Surely one of the best albums of the year, "Tres Caballeros" represents a tour de force of musicianship, poignant storytelling, and artistic control.
· Ffs: FFS
· Blur: The Magic Whip
· Fender: EVH Striped Series
· Nate Ruess: Grand Romantic
· Jackson: DKA8 Pro Series Dinky
· Breaking Benjamin: Dark Before Dawn
· Cradle Of Filth: Hammer Of The Witches
· Of Monsters And Men: Beneath The Skin
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Music News: + more

Metallica Producer Flemming Rasmussen: 'Jason Newsted Was Technically A Better Bass Player Than Cliff Burton'
General Music News: "He was much tighter and faster."
· Top 10 Songs That Changed The World
· Check Out Electronica Star Deadmau5 Playing Bass Guitar
· UG Showdown, Mark II, Round I: 'Tornado Of Souls' Vs. 'Fade To Black'
· Young Bands, Metallica Manager Wants You: 'Where's The New Metallica?!'
· Amy Winehouse's Label Boss 'Destroyed' Demos For Singer's Unfinished Third Album
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Featured Lessons: + more

Tips To Help You Master Barre Chords
For Beginners: In this lesson you'll find some thoughts and ideas that will most likely help you improve your fretting hand technique when it comes to barre chords.
· Three Octave Modes
· Blues Soloing Strategies
· Modes: Tonal Note Focus
· Intermediate Guitar Arpeggios
· Jazz Blues Chord Solo With Jens Larsen
· The Key Change: Useless Cliche Or Lost Art?
· Danzig: 'Mother' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa
· How To Avoid Getting Rusty When You Can't Play Guitar
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Guest Articles: + more
10 Weirdest Rock Concert Locations
Features, by UG Team
Some iconic shows here.
Left-Handedness and Musicianship

General Music, by RyanLoftusMusic

10 of the Hardest Popular Songs to Sing

General Music, by alexmcnamee61

9 Rejected Album Covers of Classic Records

Features, by UG Team

The 50 Greatest Metal (and Quasi-Metal!) Songs of the 70's - No. 25-1

General Music, by Head of Metal

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