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Music Reviews: + more

Monster Magnet: Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol
Compact Discs: Monster Magnet are one of few heavy metal artists who would go back and attempt to make their latest studio album even better, but here they do so formidably.
· Ne Obliviscaris: Citadel
· ESP: LTD Xtone PC-2-12
· Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways
· The Ghost Inside: Dear Youth
· In This Moment: Black Widow
· Pain Of Salvation: Falling Home
· Various Artists: The Art Of McCartney
· Machine Head: Bloodstone & Diamonds
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Music News: + more

UG Showdown, Round 1: Robert Fripp Vs. Adam Jones
UG News: The duel of the prog masters has commenced!
· Who Should Be Megadeth's Next Guitarist And Drummer?
· Metallica: ''Some Kind Of Monster' Therapist Saved The Band'
· Robert Plant On Avoiding Led Zep Reunion: 'Why Compromise?'
· Brad Pitt Rumored To Be Playing Bruce Springsteen In New Biopic
· AC/DC Drummer Baffles Journalists With Bizarre Court Appearance
· Dave Lombardo Is Apparently Open To Replacing Shawn Drover In Megadeth
More News and Interviews »
Featured Lessons: + more

'Dread And The Fugitive Mind' By Megadeth Guitar Solo Lesson W/Chris Zoupa
Soloing: Hey guys. Check out my step by step article and tutorial on Al Pitrelli's amaze balls solo on 'Dread and the Fugitive Mind' by Megadeth.
· Spicy Rock Licks
· How To Recognise Chords By Ear
· Metal Harmony And Chord Structure
· How To Practice A Musical Instrument
· 14 Top Tips To Clean Up Your Guitar Playing
· Jazz Chord Essentials - 3 Part Quartal Harmony With Jens Larsen
· Make Your Guitar Improvisation More Melodic By Using Melodic Motifs
More Lessons »
Guest Articles: + more
Greatest Music Videos Of The 1990's - Part 1
Features, by N3WW4V3N1NJ4
Because I did three for the last decade!
Axe Fetish

General Music, by TTC1990

Is Your Band Boring?

Junkyard, by Thestrangepoet

Greatest Music Videos of the 1980's - Part 3

Features, by N3WW4V3N1NJ4

Guitar Beginners, Here's Why You Should Get Into Hank Marvin

Artists' Discussions, by Silverpack

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Jorg Gray Custom Timepiece Giveaway!
Enter to win a brilliant Jorg Gray JG7800 Timepiece for the holidays!
Win Awesome Obituary Goodies by Delivering a Killer Guitar Solo!
Submit your version of guitar solo to Obituary's new track "Violence" and win great prizes. The winner will be decided by the band themselves!
Gibson + Orange Dream Team Giveaway!
Enter to win Gibson Custom 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Darkback guitar together with Orange TH30 amp head + PPC212C 2x12 speaker cab. Total MSRP is $9,264!
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Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial 1x12 Combo
Meet a limited edition tribute to the 20 year-old vintage tone classic that started it all for amp master builder Mark Bartel and the Tone King brand.

Jordan Ziff Demos the Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy EX Plus

Mr. Sipp 'The Mississippi Blues Child' at Epiphone Headquarters

Epiphone Unveils the Lee Malia Les Paul Custom Signature Model
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