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Music Reviews: + more

Gibson: Explorer Vampire Blood Moon
Electric Guitars: This guitar is mainly going to be for rock and metal (tuned in E flat standard at the moment) and it definitely suits those styles really well.
· Carvin: DC800
· Emarosa: Versus
· Interpol: El Pintor
· Earth: Primitive And Deadly
· Traeben: Looking At The Storm
· Alestorm: Sunset On The Golden Age
· ESP: LTD GUS-600 FR Gus G Signature
· Music Simulator: Rocksmith 2014 Edition
· Frnkiero And The Cellabration: Stomachaches
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Music News: + more

Ace Frehley: 'Thayer Just Wants To Be Me'
General Music News: Ex-KISS axeman escalates war of words with replacement Tommy.
· Top 10 B-Side Songs In Rock
· Amy Winehouse Statue Unveiled In Camden
· Melissa Auf Der Maur Plays Down Hole Reunion
· Rob Zombie's Next Album Will Be His 'Best Record Yet'
· Todd La Torre And Glen Drover Offer 'Discordia' Promo
· Breaking Benjamin Seem To Be Working On New Album, Share Studio Photos
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Featured Lessons: + more

Going Beyond Your Limitations
Correct Practice: This article is going to focus on limitation exercises and how they can in fact, be quite the opposite of limiting.
· Scales ARE Chords!
· 'B' Minor/'D' Major Diatonic Exercise
· Maj7b5 Chords And Arpeggios With Jens Larsen
· Top 5 Guitar Practicing Tips With Andrew Wasson
· Jazz Chord Essentials: Open Triads With Jens Larsen
· How To Use The Dominant Pentatonic Scale In Your Blues Guitar Soloing
· Megadeth: 'Symphony Of Destruction' Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa
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Guest Articles: + more
Creative: 8 Most Innovative Album Releases
Features, by jomatami
Name the most creative way for a record to drop.
The Deathbat Logo in Rock Music

The History Of, by N3WW4V3N1NJ4

Do You Have the 'Natural Talent' to Sing?

General Music, by cgglyde

Cameos: 11 Movie Stars in Rock Music Videos

Features, by jomatami

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Pigtronix Disnortion
Pigtronix Disnortion sports parallel Fuzz and Overdrive circuits, allowing you to pile on the gain without sacrificing clarity, dynamic response, punch or low end.

T-Rex Replica Delay Pedal

Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial 1x12 Combo

PRS SE Santana

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