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Music Reviews: + more

Slaves: Routine Breathing
Compact Discs: With a stronger focus on Jonny Craig's vocal presence, Slaves follow-up album, "Routine Breathing," starts to make the band feel more like Craig's vanity project than a post-hardcore supergroup.
· Mutemath: Vitals
· Def Leppard: Def Leppard
· Born Of Osiris: Soul Sphere
· Composite Acoustics: Cargo
· Foo Fighters: Saint Cecilia [EP]
· Gorod: A Maze Of Recycled Creeds
· Dean: Dimebag Concrete Sledge ML
· Epiphone: Matt Heafy Les Paul Custom-7
· Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings
· Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars: LaVoce Z-Glide Standard
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Music News: + more

Robot Metal Band Compressorhead Launch Crowdfunding Campaign To Build Lead Singer
Entertainment: Developers hope band will become "the first 100% robot band to record an original album."
· Download Festival Police Force Add Subculture Hatecrimes To Offence List
· Reunion Of Classic David Lee Roth Band Line-Up Cancelled By Fire Marshal
· Tony Iommi Says He Wants New Black Sabbath Album, But Geezer Butler Doesn't
· GN'R Are Now Selling Classic-Lineup Merch, It's Actually A Pretty Big Deal And A Strong Reunion Hint
· This Guitar Neck Is Supposed To Be 'Indestructible': Here's What Happens When It's Put Into Deep Freezer
· Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin Members And Henry Rollins Amongst Musicians Calling For 'Ambitious' Climate Change Deal
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Featured Lessons: + more

Self-Esteem Lifehack - With Kevin Goetz
Correct Practice: Motivation issues? Writer's block? Here's your cure.
· Guitar Clarity Training
· How To Play Jazz Guitar
· Decoding Phrygian Dominant
· Cmaj7 Alternate Picking Shapes
· Single String Funky Motown Riffs
· Rock Your Guitar Practice Routine
· How To Master The Fretboard. Part I
· Figuring Out Songs By Ear - A Lost Art
· Ritchie Blackmore - E Phrygian Dominant Scale Lick
· Endless New Ways To Play The Same II V I Voicings - With Jens Larsen
· Gimmie Three Strings: A Lesson In Alternate Tunings In Only Three Steps - Drop D To Double Drop D To Open G
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Guest Articles: + more
How to Win the Crowd
The Guide To, by karstaag666
Seven effective tips for winning a crowd at your concert.
10 Crazy Rockstar Antics

General Music, by UG Team

6 Weird Things That Sparked Band Breakups

General Music, by UG Team

What If Metallica Never Released 'The Black Album?'

Fiction, by RosetaStoned351

If Guns N' Roses Do Come Back, Could They Still Deliver the Goods?

Artists' Discussions, by alecplowman

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Misfits - The Devils Rain

guitar pro, by kronos.zinistra

Adele - Million Years Ago

guitar pro, by callumweeks91

Coheed and Cambria - Here To Mars

guitar pro, by nicholasp248

Mayday Parade - Just Out Of Reach

chords, by kwmorrow7692

Oasis - Supersonic

guitar pro, by gerusbel

Coldplay - Everglow

chords, by Davetran

Panic! At The Disco - La Devotee

chords, by deathfromala

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