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Hey people, my name's Hugh Gee and I play electric guitar. I learned it right here! There're so many tabs that I really can't learn them all, but whether it's Muse or Metallica it all helps a little, right? I've been here a while now, lurking around. You might have seen me watching the goings on.
There are some great people here, far too many for one person to get to know, but they're all fun in their own way. There's some great music too, and somebody always has a new idea for a missile silo or a cartoon or an album or something. Everything moves so fast around here that it's hard to keep up.
I check things on UG all the time. Sometimes even right before bed.
There are over 350,000 tabs on UG, and 1,200,000 registered members.
I've been trying to learn theory using the lessons and columns, but some of them just hurt my brain.
I try to look after the newbies, but even if they've been here years some people are still noobs.

Hugh Gee

So I'm Hugh, and now you know me. I love music - without it there'd be no point really. That's why I picked up guitar, so that I could make some myself. My guitar is my weapon. It makes rock, it picks up girls and everybody knows me because of it. The tabs and the people here taught me how to do it. Rock isn't just a genre, it's a way of life, led by music.

Do you rock?
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