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Ultimate-Guitar.Com Help Page

General questions:

1. Why should I register?
2. How do I change my username?
3. How do I unregister?

Site features:

1. How do I use 'Favorite Artists' feature?
2. What is User Status?
3. What is UG Score?
4. Contributions' Status explained
5. Average Tabs' Rating explained
6. How Top 100 Charts work?


1. What is Tab Difficulty?
2. What is Alternative Tuning?
3. What is Guitar Pro tablature?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I didn't get my activation email?
2. I can't login?
3. Where is my tab?
4. My tab listed under "unregistered" user?

Why should I register?
Here is a short list of the site's features available to registered users only:

01. Post in forums, start new threads
02. Post comments in news, lessons, columns and tabs
03. Rate tabs, lessons, articles and reviews
04. Use avatars
05. Make all your contributions listed in your profile and credited to your name
06. Use My Favorites and Track This Artist features
07. Use My Favorite Tabs feature
08. Use private messages
09. Be a part of the best guitar community
10. Have a chance to be a Mod of at once ;)

Feel free to register at this location, it's absolutely free! !

How do I change my username?
Basically, you can't. So please think twice when chosing your username. Also please note that having multiple accounts is against our terms of use and you will be banned from the site when we find out about this.
How do I unregister?
Because of some technical restrictions, there is no possibility to remove accounts from the site. Thus just don't use your UG account if you don't want to.
Favorite Artists
By using this feature you can easly track your favorite artists' updates, including new tabs, news articles, and CD/DVD reviews. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to access artist's tabs in just 1 click. You can view your favorites on the main page (limited to 7 artists) and on this page.

To add artists to your favorites, open a page of the artist you are going to add to your favorites. Click on the "+ Add to Favorites" link.

Adding artist to your favorites

On your next visit, all news, tabs and reviews updates of Led Zeppelin since your last visit will be available on the main page (limited to 7 artists) and your favorite artists page. You can remove any artist from your favorite list at this page by clicking [x] next to the corresponding artist.

User Status
This is your status on website. Your status is based solely on the amount of your contributions to the UG and their quality, also known as UG Score. The status changes automatically after you earn enough points to get to the next level. Here is how it looks:

UG Newbie - under 100 points
UG Member - 100 points
UG Senior Member - 150 points
UG Fanatic - 300 points
UG Freak - 400 points
UG Addict - 500 points
UG Resident - 1000 points
UG God - 1500 points

UG Score
UG Score was implemented back in 2000 when we decided it would be cool to make a top list of all our users which is based on contributions' quality, not quantity. We are giving points for each contribution you make to the site, however a contributior's points can get lower if other users vote low for it, and vice versa.

For example, any tab with no rating earns 2 points. If average rating of this tab goes below 3, the amount of points for it changes to 1 point. If you have a good tab and other people voted with 5 stars, you get 5 points.

You can earn extra points too! Look at the chart below:

100 tabs - 20 extra points
20 reviews - 20 extra points
20 news - 30 extra points
10 lessons - 30 extra points
10 columns - 20 extra points

Contributions' Status
This feature has been added within the last update of the site due to the numerous requests from our users. There are 3 statuses of your contributions as it is shown below:

Contribution Status

a - approved. Your contribution has been already checked by the UG Editor and accepted into the archive. It gives you a direct link to the contribution.

w - waiting. We received your contribution, however it was not checked for accuracy and quality yet.

d - denied. Your contribution has been rejected by the Editor. You are not allowed to re-submit it. If there is a [details] link near your contribution's title, that means that the Editor left a message for you. Most likely this happened because your contribution doesn't satisfy the UG Contribution Rules. Click [details] and you will read a message from the Editor.

Average Tabs' Rating
Average Tabs' Rating shows average rating which our users give to your tabs. Works this way: the sum of all ratings / number of your tabs with user votes. For instance, if you have 3 tabs with 3, 4, and 5 stars each, your average rating will be: 3 + 4 + 5 / 3 = 4.
Top 100 Charts
We have 5 types of top 100 charts here on UG.

1. Top 100 Tabs sorted by hits. All the tabs listed on this page are sorted by the number of clicks each tab has received for the past 24 hours.

2. Top 100 Tabs sorted by rating. It's a list of the highest rated tabs. Generally it's rock classics (like Led Zep's "Stairway to Heaven" or Clapton's "Layla" and "Tears in Heaven").

3. Top 100 Tabbers' profile names sorted by their average tabs rating. You can read more about average tabs rating here.

4. Top 100 Tabbers sorted by number of tabs. The simplest one. All members are sorted by the number of tabs that they have contributed to the site.

5. Top 100 Contributors sorted by UG score. That is the most complex top list. We gather contributions info on all users and sort them by the score. You can read more about UG Score at this location. You can get top reviewers, news reporters, columns and lessons contributors on that page as well.

Tab Difficulty
This is a small guide for our fellow guitarists when they choose tabs based on their playing skills. By selecting this option you can help them a lot! For example, if a beginner guitarist is searching for "Stairway to Heaven" tab and find several tabs, most likely he will choose the one which indicates "novice". On the other hand, experienced player will open "advanced" level tab which he expects will be more detailed and hard to play.

When submitting a tab, you can choose between 3 options. Please note that it's not song difficulty, but it's your tab difficulty! Please be objective on your guitar skills -- if you play 3 months, most likely all your tabs should be marked as "novice".

1. Novice - this difficulty level applies for all tabs that was made by beginner guitarists. Also applies to all generic tabs with just basic info (like main riff, simple solo, etc). Please note: if song is easy by itself, the tab's difficulty level should be set to "novice" as well! All songs by Blink 182 must be put into this category.

2. Intermediate - this level applies for majority of good tabs. The tab should be detailed and include all parts (intro, main riff, chorus, verse, solo, outro, etc). Guitar player should know all basic techniques such as hammer ons, pull offs, arpeggio, palm muting, pinch harmonics, etc to be able to play this tab. Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" is a good example.

3. Advanced - this level applies to extremely difficult tabs. The tab should be very detailed and include the whole song note-by-note. The size of such tabs is usually not less than 50Kb. Involves such guitar techniques as tapping, two-hands tapping, slapping, very fast solo licks, etc. Metallica's "One" is a good example.

Please note that this field is optional. You don't need to select it if unsure what to choose.

Alternative Tuning
As you know, some bands do not use standard (EBGDAE) tuning due to vocalist's preferences or music genre. If a song you've tabbed out use alternative tuning, please note what it is -- drop C, drop D, etc.

On the other hand, almost any tab can be altered to alternative tuning even if the song itself uses standard one. If that's your case -- please let us know what tuning you have altered the song to.

Please note that this field is optional. You don't need to select it if unsure what to choose.

What is Guitar Pro tablature?
In short, Guitar Pro is far more advanced tablature than any text tab. The difference between tablature in guitar pro format and simple text tab is that you can actually listen to the tab (and decide whether it's close to the original song or you should stick to something else)! To create guitar pro tab you should download Guitar Pro software (download).

Guitar Pro software offers such options as listening, printing, importing and exporting MIDI and ASCII formats (thus exploiting thousands of scores on the internet), transposing, transcribing a score in standard notation, etc. Many useful functions are also available: chord diagrams, metronome, tuner and assistants.

I didn't get my activation email?
You should receive an activation email after registration process on the site. This email contains a link you should click to complete your registration.

If you didn't get it, please follow this simple guide:

1. , so our website can recognize you.

2. In case you entered a wrong email address during the registration process you will not get activation email ever. Click here and enter working email address. You will get an activation email straight after this step. You don't need to continue with the following steps.

3. In case you removed activation email by accident please click on the button below. If you changed your account's email address recently and didn't activate your account yet, click on that button too. Make sure you entered a working email address first. If you are unsure, please do step #1.

4. If you still didn't get your activation email, please contact us.

Public email service users please note (hotmail, msn, yahoo, etc): sometimes these websites put our activation emails into a spam folder in your account, so check it out.

I can't login?
This problem is also known as "Everytime I log-in, the message says "Thanks for logging in", but I am still unlogged!" and "I can't access my account."

Our website uses cookies to keep you logged on the site. Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies from You can do this by changing your browser settings.

Where is my tab?
We update everyday, except of the weekends (sometimes we update on weekends too!). If you were registered while sending your tab, you should receive an email notification whether it was accepted or not. In case you were not logged in or your email is wrong you will never get this notification. Please make sure you have proper email listed under your UG Profile!
My tab listed under "unregistered" user?
This could happen because your browser doesn't accept cookies, so the system can't recognize what username you are registered under. Please change your browser settings to accept cookies from website. Also, make sure you're when sending a tab.