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Job Opportunities @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

What do we need?
Current positions:

Writers for news & entertainment articles, guitar/CD reviews, lessons and columns.

We are looking for purposeful content writers wishing to contribute to Ultimate-Guitar and become a part of the largest guitar website in the world.

Until further notice (see column at the right with current positions), we are looking for review and interview writers. The basic requirements are: strong command of the English language, creativity and musical knowledge. It's preferred if you already have some writing experience, doing interviews/reviews. It is very important that you will be able to contribute regularly, at least once/twice a month.

What do you get?

I'm sure you're curious how would your work be rewarded? Upright! Here are just a few privileges UG writers get:

  • You will officialy become Ultimate-Guitar Writer. That could help you to pick up more chicks ;)
  • You will get brand new, shiny email
  • Your articles will always be our top priority with absolute chance to make it to the homepage of the site
  • If we both stay happy after some grace period, you articles will be a subject for the payment. We hope you can get to that level ;)

    How to apply?

    Becoming a UG writer could be much easier than you might think. First of all you need to get 2-3 articles that you have previously written and send them to us. The second thing we want, importantly, is to learn what you'd love to write about. We need people who want to do more or less specific work, so instead of asking "what do we need", tell us what is closer to your heart - reviewing death metal albums, interviewing pop punk bands, writing about new pedals or something else. We need passionate writers! If you already have contacts in the media (gear companies or publicity and music labels) or have worked for music magazines, your chances of being accepted are very high. If your articles are boring, your chances are next to nothing.

    If you feel like matching to those requirements listed above, feel free to email your resume to .