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Site Map

Here are some of the most important links on the website.

01. Ultimate-Guitar.Com mainpage. The main page of the site has links to the featured articles from the most recent update: news, reviews, columns, exclusive interviews, tabs, contests, videos ans recently updated forum threads.

02. Tabs. All guitar, bass and guitar pro tabs added within the last day.

03. Music News. The most comprehensive archive of music news on the Net. Features general music news, industry news, upcoming releases and upcoming tours section. We cover mainstream, rising and new bands' news on a daily basis.

04. Reviews. One of the largest database of guitar gear reviews with 25,000 reviews to date and 20 new reviews daily. It also features CD, DVD and Live Concert reviews. Whenever you need to decide what guitar or bass to buy, head over to this page and read what other people have to say on it.

05. Columns. Columns on all music related topics, contributed by the users. Features General Music, Music Theory, The History Of, The Guide To, Genres' Battles, Artists' Discussions, Gear Maintenance and Junkyard, that contains all other music related articles. Updates on a weekly basis most of the time.

06. Lessons. Free archive of over 400 guitar, bass, songwriting and very basic lessons. Features both user contributed and guitar gurus' lessons.

07. Interviews. Homepage for all our exclusive interviews conducted with different groups and artists. We update it with brand new interviews daily.

08. UG Community. Want to meet new friends? Look after favorite bands? View top rated contributors of the site? Find your friend, registered on UG? You are welcome here - the UG Community. The biggest guitar community in the world!

09. Guitar Forums. Yay! One of the best things about We have over 1,000,000 active users in one of the largest and friendliest guitar community on the planet. Whenever you want to talk about a band, ask for recommendation on a guitar, fix your broken music gear, or get an advice on anything guitar related -- head to the forums! Forums are stricly moderated so it's a safe place for all your family.

10. Contests and Giveaways. This section has info on all currently running music contests. We have 5 to 10 new contests running each month. If you are lucky, you can win anything starting from signed CD or DVD to a gaming console or a guitar!

11. My Profile. This section is available for registered users only. It features My Contributions, My Favorite Artists, and My Favorite Tabs subsections. By using this page you can also track latest updates, update your contributions and check out what's your current UG Score.

12. The part of UG which allows you to watch hundreds of music videos, guitar lessons from professional teachers, songwriting tips and, ofcourse, our exclusive interviews!

13. . Register on for free and get access to all the incredible features we've made over the years.