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A Guide To UG Widgets

What Is It?

"Widgets" is a part of the home page of, available to all registered and logged-in users. It consists of a preview section and a widgets panel, which you can fill with various "widgets." They exist to entertain you and to make your activity on UG simplier. You will learn about the available widgets below!

Working With Widgets

Adding a Widget

You can add up to three widgets to the home page's widget panel. To add a widget you can click on it once or you can click on it and drag into any spot. You can replace any widget by dragging a widget from the preview section and dropping it over another widget in your widgets panel.

Refreshing, Editing and Deleting Widgets

There is a number of control buttons in a header of each widget, next to its title.

  • You can use the Edit link in the widget's header to get access to the widget settings.
  • You can Refresh content on some widgets manually by clicking the Refresh icon located in the header of a widget.
  • You can click the 'X' icon in the header of a widget to remove it from your widget panel.

  • Widgets

    Community Updates

    Keep track of everything that happens in your UG profile (e.g. new friend requests, new messages, new blog posts). This widget also provides you with your friends' updates feed.

    Friends Online

    Be in the know concerning who's online in your network. You can send PMs directly to them using this widget.

    Recomended Tabs

    Looking for a new song to play? Check out our suggestions that are based on your and your friends' favorite tabs with similar tastes.

    Criminal Status

    A countdown till your discharge. Considering this widget is handy only if you have a warning or a ban, we hope you will never use it.

    Community Pulse

    The "Pulse" is a relative indicator of your own and the other UG users' activity on the site during the last 7 days. It is based on a number of submissions (tabs, news, columns, reviews, lessons), comments, activity on the Profiles (including a number of created blogs, uploaded pictures, listened MP3s, etc) and number of Forum posts.