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Classic Rock Rules and FAQ


  • Spam: Spamming will not be allowed in our forum. Any spam threads/posts will result in a warning or ban. Most people on this forum should be old enough to know what is considered spam and what is not considered spam. If you have no idea what spam is, then feel free to PM one of the mods and they will explain it to you.

    • Older Members: Older Members are not above the law and will be treated just the same as new members (newbies). These members should know by this time what is allowed and what is not. Therefore these members will attract warnings/bans a lot easier for their infractions.

    • Contributing to spam: Do not contribute to spam in any way. If you see a spam thread/post, report it, state that you have reported it, and then ignore it. There will be a two minute window for others to report the thread/post. Anything after those two minutes will be considered spam and will result in a warning. Please do not respond to the reported post or to the person reporting the post. Do not try to take things in your own hands. If you would like to help, do so by helping the mods

  • Flaming: No matter how much another user deserves it, flaming (the act of posting deliberately hostile messages) will not be tolerated. The mods will be the final decision on whether it was necessary or not, so take your chances if you will.

  • Whining: Do not whine about your threads being closed or about warnings. If you have a question or a complaint, do so in a PM to one of the mods of the forum. Making another thread publicly confronting the issue will only get you another warning which will result in a ban. It is not a good idea to publicly call out a mod as that will only anger them.

  • General Forum Rules: General UG forum Rules apply in here as well (duh!). That means no porn, advertising, asking newbie questions as in "HoW MaNY poSTs dO I GotZ NoW? LolZ!?" If you have any general forum questions, feel free to ask them HERE


  • Discussion: Discussion will be about Classic Rock and Classic Rock only. Anything else will be deleted or moved. Classic Rock can be generally defined as Rock Music that came into existence between 1955 and 1984. Bands anywhere from The Beatles and The Yardbirds to Bad Company, Aerosmith and Queen belong in Classic Rock. Bands like Guns and Roses, Metallica, Motorhead, Poison are not Classic Rock. The Music must fit the genre.

  • "ONLY" (Insert Band Name) Threads: Do not start threads with no reason. Starting threads just to have a thread will be considered spam and treated accordingly. Threads with no real purpose will be closed or deleted. That means do not start a thread and say, "I haven't seen any Dire Straits threads, so everyone come here to talk about them!" Threads of this kind or similar will be closed and deleted, I cannot stress that enough. Make sure your thread has a true purpose or question. If there is an existing "ONLY" thread about a certain band, any other thread created about that band will be closed. Please do a search before you create a thread to make sure a thread doesn't already exist about the same topic.

  • Polls: Polls will be deleted unless it makes sense to have a poll. In other words, if a poll title is "Favorite Led Zeppelin Song" and you can't place every Led Zeppelin song in the poll, then it makes no sense to have a poll. Those polls will be deleted. There is no problem with starting a discussion about a favorite album or favorite song but do not include a poll.

  • Vs. threads: Vs. threads are not allowed and will be deleted or closed. For example: "UG Poll: Freddie Mercury or Robert Plant, who was better?" There is no point in trying to compare musicians all of the time. This is not a competition, this is Music. This also includes any thread needlessly comparing musicians. Even comparing albums or songs of the same band is considered competition. IT IS AN OPINION!! There is no best of anything. However, just because a thread does not have a poll, does not mean that it isn?t a competition. Poll or no poll, any thread pitting any song/album/band against one or more others will be deleted or closed.

  • Games: Song Games and Elimination games are not allowed and will be closed, seeing as they are simply an opportunity to boost one's post count. Trivia and other related games will be allowed at the discretion of the mods. If you have an idea for a game and are unsure if it will be acceptable, PM a mod.


*Before Posting, ask yourself these questions:

1.) Has this thread been done before? If so, don't do it again. Not Sure? There is a search function, type in the key words regarding your thread and see if someone has done a thread like yours in the past, these may have the responses you are looking for already. If nothing comes up on your first search, do a second search, but this time change the option of "search entire posts" to "search titles only". This will search thread titles for your desired key words.

Control Panel - FAQ - Member List - Search Forums - New Posts - Chat - Log Out

2.) Am I posting in the right place? Does it belong in this section of the message boards? If you are not sure if it is the right place, read the F.A.Q. Act accordingly.

3.) Why am I making this thread? Does my thread have a point, or am I really just bored and posting for the hell of it? If you actually want to hear and care about responses this will partly justify your new thread. Because that is all you will get ? Responses. Deep revelations, life changing occurrences and epiphanies are reserved for real life.

4.) Have I used a search engine to get the answer I am seeking? If not, do so. Message boards are primarily filled with opinions. If you want to know who played drums for The Who, search yahoo for results on The Who. It was Keith Moon if you did not know .

5.) Am I asking the right people? Why do I care about other peoples opinions on this subject? Ie. If you want to know how the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert was last night in Shreveport, Louisiana. . . would you trust gopherboy123 from London to answer your question?

If you have any other questions or this FAQ did not answer your original question, feel free to PM BrainDamage, paintITblack39, or uhh_me? and we will happily answer whatever it is you want to know. Have fun and follow the rules and we will have a great time discussing the bands you and I all love from yesteryears!

Sincerely your mods,
BrainDamage, paintITblack39, and uhh_me?

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