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UG Contribution: FAQ and Rules

UG Contributions Forum FAQ:

Hey everyone. I've been getting a lot of the same questions about this forum, so I figured it was high time we had an FAQ to refer people to. Here we go:

Q: What is this forum for?

A: This forum is used for people to post suggestions and comments prior to submitting their pieces of work. The actual published columns can be found here. This page can also be accessed by clicking the link in the bottom right-hand corner of the UG main page.

Q: Why do we need a forum for this?

A: Because the articles that come out of this forum are guaranteed to be better than unsolicited ones that are posted by people who just sit down, type out a one-sided rant, full of factual errors and spelling mistakes, and submit it right away. Basically, this forum is for quality control. UG is a free site, and so zappp does not pay the authors. If quality articles aren't submitted, he will have to post unsolicited crappy ones, because he needs to keep the content of UG current.

Q: Who's in charge of this forum?

A: The moderators of this forum are currently emad, JustLikeMe and zappp. Please refer any questions you have to any of these members and they will assist you as quickly as possible.

It's an informal rule that all articles being posted for approval in this forum MUST be approved by one of the team members before being submitted. Simple as that. It's an honor system that we expect you to abide by.

Q: What is the "UG Columns Team"?

A: It's not what it sounds like, first of all. There is no official list of who's on the team, or who's higher ranked, or anything. Literally, if you post a good article, that is approved by the forum leaders, you are on the "team." If you post one article, and then never write another one, you won't be "kicked out," but we won't think of you as a "member" of the team after a while.

Basically, anyone who is currently writing and submitting articles to UG is on the Columns Team.

Q: What can I write about?

A: Pretty much anything music-related. We have categories for music theory, artist's discussions, general music, band's histories, and so on. There are a few rules about what will be accepted, and what won't be accepted:

1. Absolutely no more articles about the following:

- Why today's music sucks
- What defines "punk"
- Why you hate pop-punk, nu-metal, Avril Lavigne, etc...
- Why "band X" is crappy and should go to hell
- What happened to solos?

We have multiple articles about all of these topics, both good ones and bad ones, and it's been done to death. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one, and everyone's stinks.

2. Articles must be well-written. This is a forum where you can post your article and have it proof-read for grammar and accuracy. Take advantage of this service.

3. Do not write one-sided rants about whatever issue you are mad about this week. If you choose to cover a controversial issue, make sure you address it fairly and in an unbiased manner.

4. If you are tooling around the net, and find an article that you think would be good to post on UG, you are allowed to do so. BUT- you absolutely MUST give the author credit. Even on the internet, copying and pasting someones work, and calling it your own is plagiarism. Doing this infringes on copyright, and since zappp doesn't have us on payroll, HE is the one who gets in trouble if someone catches plagiarism on this site. Plagiarism can get this site shut down, so DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.

Q: How do I go about getting my article published?

A: Here's the breakdown:

1. Come up with an idea, or get one from the "suggestion box" thread.

2. Make sure that your choice hasn't already been written about. Browse the columns pages, or ask in this forum.

3. Write up a draft, and make a new thread for your article in this forum.

4. Wait for suggestions, make revisions, etc...

5. Post your final draft in this forum and high voltage or Rankles will approve it. If it isn't approved, you go back to the drawing board. We're only going to turn down an article that breaks the rules listed above.

6. You are responsible for submitting your finished, approved column to zappp. There is a link on the main page, directly to the left of the search bar, that says submit your article. Click that link, fill out the forum, and submit your piece to zappp. Make sure you are logged in, or you won't get credit for writing it.

If there are any more glaring questions, private message emad or Ian Paul Gint .

UG Contributions Forum Rules & FAQ was last updated October 16, 2008
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