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  1. How Do You Edit Or Delete Your Previous Tab Post??
  2. yo yo yo im NEW to the site
  3. Radio wall of sound Chords
  4. Report bad tab requests here!
  5. Review?
  6. Double Plucking on a bass.
  7. My review is where?????
  8. Video Slap Lesson
  9. Why am i always rejected?
  10. LittleKnowItAll's Video Slap Bass Lesson #2
  11. LittleKnowItAll's Video Slap Bass Lesson #3
  12. Expanding Your Options (With Guitar Improvisation) Part 1
  13. My tabs on site from unregistered?
  14. Improving Hand Synchronization Through Double Picking
  15. To Practice, Or Not To Practice!
  16. Articles?
  17. New band page
  18. wtf where is my lesson
  19. video lesson "guitar patterns"
  20. Chord Construction Part 1
  21. Effective Techniques for Practicing with a Metronome
  22. Chord Construction Part 2
  23. Apathy, Writer's Block, and the Key to Phrasing.
  24. i just wanted to apologize
  25. Contribution denied (read FAQs)
  26. My spanish guitar school & My electric guitar school
  27. My tab name has been spelt wrong
  28. if i wanted to contribute more to ug.....
  29. My Tab
  30. The Box Patterns And How They Fit Together
  31. Wherever i may roam live
  32. The Basics Of Death Metal
  33. Posting the same tab twice, different format
  34. A possible "Who to Listen To" In the Gear Building and Customzing Forum
  35. where would i post this? its open scales
  36. Ummm this is weird but i need help
  37. Stage Antics; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  38. Bits of Wisdom for all Guitarists 2008.
  39. change tab section
  40. Submitting tabs
  41. Shaded Band Names
  42. Needed knowledge of review PLEASE HELP MODS!
  43. Ultimate Guide to Movable Guitar Chord Shapes
  44. change lines for each sound in guitar pro 5
  45. The New Fender EVH Wolfgang
  46. Having a weird problem with Guitar Pro WAVE Exporting... (PLEASE READ)
  47. Bi^&h Stole My Tabs
  48. Cradle of Filth - The Death of Love (Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder, 2008)
  49. Writing Tips II
  50. Two little problems..
  51. Tab Status Glossary? (e.g. "W")
  52. Night two of Neverender cancelled, goverment worker dies because of it
  53. Tabs Tabs Tabs
  54. I Submitted a lesson like a month ago, and it hasn't passed or Denied yet
  55. Review Not Accepted, Yet
  56. Tab approval/denial question
  57. Writing Tips III
  58. Review Question
  59. I submitted 3 reveiws like, 5 days ago...
  60. Disbelief Part 2
  61. I am currently submitting a reveiw...
  62. I've chosen wron tab type, please change it
  63. a lil question
  64. Still awaiting tab approval
  65. Why!!!!!!!
  66. Ultimate Lessons: DADGAD Part I
  67. My review was denied, but it can still be viewd...
  68. Review approval? (PiCSeL is a slowpoke)
  69. I'm ticked!!!!!!
  70. All modal scales and pentatonics and Majors/Minors
  71. I submitted a colunm a while ago....
  72. Voting 1 Got Me Blocked
  73. Songwriting- The 20 Minutes Songs
  74. Who do you think will Win Super Bowl 43?
  75. What is taking so long?
  76. Getfile
  77. I submitted a Colunm like, before christmas
  78. Speed training pt.1
  79. Speed training pt.1
  80. Speed training pt.2
  81. A Beginners Guide To Music Theory: Guitar Chords
  82. Review
  83. Confession: Can't Live, Can't Breathe
  84. I posted a review but I dont see it
  85. my lesson?!
  86. Modal Misconceptions - Lesson
  87. I have a tab like, over 2 weeks old, can someone approve or reject it yet?
  88. How do I get pictures into articles?
  89. The best way to play sweet home alabama
  90. Guide To Setting Up a PA: First Steps
  91. How to play guitar + Sing simultaneously. All secrets revealed!
  92. lessons
  93. A Brief History of the Electric Guitar
  94. Grindcore: What it is and What its Been
  95. chiming
  96. I tried to submit a tab for the FCR commercial..
  97. Sweep Lesson part 1
  98. Sweep Lesson Part 2
  99. Sweep Lesson Part 3
  100. I have been waiting for 2 weeks and my tabs still havn't gotting rejected or aproved
  101. about my tab
  102. new article - the trouble with theory
  103. A Guide to Fixing Intermittent Faults
  104. review disappeared after a month of not being approved
  105. Sweep Lesson Technique
  106. I demand an explanation
  107. beginners: look at what your doing.
  108. Review ... ignored?
  109. The "Still Waiting" Thread (Pending Submissions)
  110. Lesson not approved yet
  111. Article HTML Guide
  112. UnderWaterBass Lessons.
  113. Behringers Suck?
  114. Tab
  115. Rough Draft? - Fast Guitarists vs Authentic Guitarists
  116. In progress
  117. Easy One by Metallica (Intro) Tablutare
  118. No credit for new tab???
  119. A Guide To: Chromatics
  120. Working on writing a tab...
  121. A Guide To: Building Guitar Tablature
  122. Major Scales
  123. Backwards We Are Beckoned Pt 1
  124. Ideas for New Pieces - Comments please
  125. Holes in the Floor of Heaven
  126. Editing Tab
  127. Speed Training
  128. Which version?
  129. History: Part I The Electric Guitar
  130. Pt.1 Guitars: Chpt 1 - Electric Guitars
  131. Question
  132. The guide to PA part 2: Soundchecking
  133. A Selfish Thread
  134. How To Tune A Guitar Without A Tuner
  135. Question regarding writing a lesson...
  136. Definitive Guide To Gigging
  137. To The Ug Moderators: Help!!!
  138. Breakdown - Part 1
  139. why was it denied?
  140. Fiction Question
  141. Get-well-cards tab denied?
  142. Definitive Guide To Gigging: Part Two
  143. can you guys tell me if this is a good review
  144. am i allowed?
  145. Queensryche review tell me what you think
  146. Backwards We Are Beckoned, Pt. 2
  147. My Marshal MG30DFX Review
  148. Storm. Part I
  149. This may save your life
  150. tetrafusion review tell me what you think