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  1. Critique my band
  2. Confused about a futur band project ..
  3. Should I offer to join a band (details inside)
  4. Tales from Backstage
  5. Booking...again
  6. To start a band, or to not start a band...
  7. why i'm not starting a band and you should too!
  8. Being in more than one band at a time
  9. Pre-tour questions
  10. 8th Grade: Starting a Band Help?
  11. music on iTunes
  12. Song order on an EP/Album?
  13. Preparing for our first band practice...
  14. Facing a dilemma
  15. Playing Live: Getting Ripped Off and When Is It Ok To Blame The Sound Guy?
  16. How to get a bandmember to upgrade his gear?
  17. Guitarists tone is....gross
  18. Finding the right sort of amateur gig.
  19. For any Craigslist users out there
  20. Thinking of just giving up
  21. Nned opinions on Acoustic Set List!!!!!
  22. Places To Find/Advertise For Band Members
  23. anyone use bandmix?
  24. Dropped out the band [Did you ever regret it?]
  25. How should a drummer interact with the band during the writing process?
  26. Stage Lighting
  27. Do you ever doubt your writing?
  28. If a band member is..
  29. She asks me to play guitar
  30. Someone bought us youtube views...
  31. Are guys adverse to forming a band with a female singer?
  32. Backing Tracks.
  33. Backing tracks for the whole band?
  34. Backing tracks for the whole band?
  35. what to do
  36. Getting a list of everything I need.
  37. Starting a Youtube series to advise prospective bands.
  38. Just started a band, need songs?
  39. making fliers to find potential band members..?
  40. Lack of a bass player really killing us, should we just forge on without one?
  41. Is it not worth it to re-record songs?
  42. Getting to have presence
  43. Using drum loops live. What should I know?
  44. Mediocre singer but great frontman
  45. First Audiotion, please help!
  46. Not Enjoying The Music Your Band Plays?
  47. 1-man band... backing tracks?
  48. What do you guys think about stage props?
  49. How to continue
  50. Is my basement good for rehearsal?
  51. Possibility of legal repercussions for band name?
  52. Two Lead Singers?
  53. ways to introduce a song
  54. Starting new band
  55. Booking out of town gigs!
  56. Afraid to sing
  57. How to get rid of ego when songwriting with a band?
  58. Little audience participation, please help
  59. Guitarist in band is, well....
  60. What's your opinion on side projects?
  61. Should I release on vinyl or CD
  62. Am I being too stubborn or just just dealing with the wrong musicians
  63. Finding serious band member
  64. Playing shows without CD's to sale
  65. Disagreements among members
  66. recording-problems
  67. Need help deciding how to invest money.
  68. How to perform
  69. Helping my bass player stay on tempo
  70. Can't get my band a little more 'off the ground'
  71. Early band problems
  72. Band Members Sleeping Together
  73. New songs, but where do they go?
  74. Thrash/Progressive band in a Post-Hardcore scene?
  75. Directing your own music video
  76. Importance of Facebook 'Likes'
  77. how to replace a crappy bassist with a better one?
  78. Should I leave the band
  79. new band advice
  80. Is it worth dropping the backing tracks?
  81. On stage banners
  82. Help us choose our band name. Vote for one of two options.
  83. Frontmanning tips
  84. Goodness me
  85. Independently directing your own music vid
  86. Band Rehearsal Problems
  87. How do you get on a bigger bands bill?
  88. Sour feelings after leaving a band
  89. How do you get over a bad performance?
  90. Suggest a song for my band please?
  91. What to do, odd situation
  92. How to better organize the band
  93. Band Formation
  94. Solo Project
  95. Problem with sound amongst my band
  96. Are two guitarists really necessary?
  97. VIDEO: Looking for critique / advice / thoughts / ramblings
  98. Band Financing?
  99. How to go on tour
  100. Am I just feeling threatened? Or is there cause?
  101. Promoting a music video
  102. The importance of a band website
  103. Awesome oppourtunity with a conflict of interest
  104. Any tips on how to deal with'crowd superstars'?
  105. A female band member?
  106. Funding an album via Kickstarter?
  107. Ways to fill the bassist's role on guitar?
  108. As a band we sound bad, but separately we sound great
  109. Band Troubles!
  110. Ever found a band on sites like gumtree or joinmyband?
  111. Opinion on my music from outside source please!
  112. stage presence as a guitarist improving?
  113. lazyness
  114. Setting a Band Image
  115. The 3 keys to a successful stage performance
  116. Just wanted to share a thought here
  117. Underage gig question
  118. Meeting new people to jam with, SO nervous :(
  119. Set List for Bands First Gig
  120. Gay bird
  121. Should I start looking at endorsements?
  122. Playing Live With Eric Clapton @ Crossroads
  123. Is this a good plan?
  124. Fitting into an underground scene
  125. Song Transitions
  126. Tension with band mate - advice appreciated
  127. How do you tell your bandmate that their lyrics suck?
  128. Self produced music video!
  129. How to find your band's sound?
  130. Help with recruiting
  131. The Trebor Illusion Project
  132. How to know when its time to quit?
  133. Bringing a camera into the studio.
  134. 3 piece band help?
  135. Has anybody been in a band that played music they didn't love?
  136. Self Made Music Video
  137. Displaying merch at shows
  138. How to ease tensions in the band.
  139. Starting a band, but don't know where to start
  140. VIDEO performence. looking for advice, critique
  141. How to suceed on a place ruled by other genre?
  142. band leader in the new band Edition Agression
  143. PA system practicality
  144. Album Covers (Pics With No Known Copyright Restrictions)
  145. The Ultimate Live Sound Thread
  146. Bad Lyrics
  147. Wanting to go Solo... need advice
  148. How To Kick A Friend Out Of The Band
  149. Big Egos
  150. My band looks bored