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  1. .gifs STILL don't work!
  2. Upgraded to latest tabs app on iPhone and can't get into the app
  3. Youtube Embedding
  4. Problems on iPad
  5. Can't post review
  6. Did the UG site changed?
  7. listen to song in new window
  8. First World Problem: Hidden threads don't stay hidden
  9. Automatic formatting
  10. Transpose function
  11. Transpose problem
  12. Online Friends messed up
  13. Cant View first part of tab/chords
  14. UG is taking a REALLY long time to load lately
  15. Tabs wont add to my favorites
  16. iPad subscription
  17. Pro Tabs are loading wrong songs
  18. tabs unavailable in my country ? wtf!
  19. Tab removal?
  20. No tabs loads
  21. No approval queue?
  22. Spam bots.
  23. Bad gateway
  24. Spoiler tags don't open on posts that i've linked which contain spoiler tags.
  25. ultimate guitar computer vicious virus killing innocent computers
  26. problem with one of my video lesson
  27. Tabs Approval Settings
  28. "Be Yourself" All Tabs Copyright Infringement
  29. transpose function not working
  30. Tab Pro/Guitar Pro
  31. Forbidden Link
  32. Filter by type: Guitar not displaying chords
  33. I cannot open any tab here
  34. Tabs are not loading
  35. Tabs Not Loading
  36. Cannot access Approval Queue
  37. Favorites not showing on iPad
  38. Forbidden Soundcloud link
  39. Default picture change.
  40. Versions of Tabs
  41. Profile Picture not showing up
  42. Lag When Downloading GuitarPro Files
  43. Tab section is on borrowed time.
  44. Not getting e-mail notifications.
  45. WTF is wrong with UG? Seriously...
  46. Tab Pending Approval Listed as "Unregistered"
  47. private messages
  48. THere is a problem dowloading from the submition queue
  49. Can't buy Tab Pro Sub.
  50. UG tab approval is broken
  51. UG OFficial App...
  52. How someone stole my contributed tab!
  53. Can't Download gp Files
  54. Bug with commenting on a tab.
  55. Approval queue: Voting not possible - A bug?
  56. chords not showing over songs
  57. Another Lesson With Same Name Replaced Mine?
  58. Unable to update my Guitar Pro files from my profile
  59. Favorites rating broken.
  60. This tab has been removed at the request of the publisher
  61. Bug: I've been credited too many tabs
  62. tabs not showing up in contributions list /view count not working
  63. Queue times too long
  64. Flood of Ukulele tabs
  65. Can't sign in on UG on IPad
  66. Offline Issues Iphone and Ipad
  67. Subscription Failed!
  68. Problems with uploading Guitar Pro files
  69. Community articles are messy because of a bug
  70. Youtube
  71. Can a mod please correct this wrong tabpage name?
  72. I appear as a non memeber
  73. What happened to Guitar Pro tabs?
  74. tabs not appearing in search results
  75. Minor seven chord appearing in tab as major
  76. "Print" function for tabs/songs doesn't work
  77. Lost tab (Page not found)
  78. Comment Number Problem
  79. Trouble Typing w/ Android Phone
  80. Can't close a song!!
  81. Can't Edit Profile
  82. iphone membership not transferring to ipad
  83. Trying to download a tab but 'Tab Pro' is preventing me from doing so.
  84. Missing letters?
  85. Tab apostrophe problems
  86. Updated tab turned to new tab
  87. Pages appearing weird
  88. Favourites will not open. App just closes
  89. Lessons
  90. Comments on news section...
  91. News RSS not updated
  92. Review Dissapeared
  93. Tabs deleting themselves?
  94. Limited Review Accessibility
  95. I can't comment and correct tabs in queue
  96. ipad app crashing on certain tabs
  97. What happened to all the tabs?
  98. Comment number bug
  99. Bug
  100. Tab Pro HD vs Tabs HD ???
  101. Bad rating By user with no contribution
  102. The approval system is broken.
  103. Can't Open Support Ticket for Tab Pro
  104. Cannot update info for pending approval tab
  105. Metallica Tabs removed
  106. Tab Upload Not Working
  107. Add to Friends
  108. No dowload button for guitar pro
  109. Email notification about own comment
  110. Tab Pro App Notes Not Showing Up
  111. Tab submitted over 2 weeks ago remains unposted
  112. Unable to create a ticket at support.ultimate-guitar.com
  113. History function
  114. Pending tabs' approval is taking long
  115. Why arent favorites sticking?
  116. Bug
  117. Profile MP3 Wont Play
  118. "Post New Blog" redirect
  119. Approval queue bug: link to file broken, pulls up previous version instead
  120. Favorites gone
  121. Microphone problem
  122. Help please - how do i turn mic on guitar tools back on?
  123. Unable to update tab
  124. Unable to dowload Guitar Pro tabs.
  125. Occsional Problems accessing UG
  126. chosen password silently truncated to 15 characters with no warning
  127. Beatle Bug
  128. iPad bug: Top left of screen blanks out?
  129. Cant open any Tabs
  130. Can't Transpose songs
  131. Reply Picture Error
  132. no scroll bar on homepage
  133. security issue
  134. Sorting by Song in Favourites
  135. Errors creating a group
  136. Wrong Profile ID
  137. Full Tab Doesn't Display
  138. Can't upload pics...
  139. Can't Download Guitar Pro Tabs
  140. Password reset is serious bug
  141. Guitar Pro end-of-file error
  142. Can't edit tab
  143. Can't view Favorites
  144. can't turn off auto-renew
  145. Ultimate Guitar Chat does not work
  146. What are "tabs with high quality"?
  147. Flash player problem
  148. Guitar Tab on Android Problem
  149. My tab is on the site but not credited to me
  150. file sizes?