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  1. The Singing Thread (Archive)
  2. Welcome (and important info)!! Read this before posting!!
  3. Discuss vocal exercises here:
  4. The only screaming/growling thread.
  5. The only "What Range am I?" thread
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  7. Not confident enough with singing?
  8. Suggest Bass-Register Songs?
  9. Accent
  10. Home Microphone Setup
  11. Timbre
  12. Head voice
  13. Comfortable With Your Range?
  14. Take a Listen?
  15. Is singing the most difficult skill?
  16. I suppose this question is more a matter of opinion than anything, but...
  17. Growling
  18. Help with vocal melody?
  19. crit my vocals pls
  20. Help!: Achieving the "80s Rock" Voice
  21. How do I get those harsh vocals?
  22. Singing
  23. Transposing
  24. Using "head voice" to reach tenor range.
  25. Totally new to singing.
  26. Direction
  27. What does a voice teacher do?
  28. What voices are these sung in?
  29. general singing questions
  30. Inhaling to get very high notes
  31. General singing tips needed
  32. I Am Sooooo Bad
  33. Tips needed on my singing for this song (MP3 included)
  34. Exercises for Training Headvoice
  35. Singing Idols
  36. kurt cobains screams
  37. singing crit please
  38. Need An opinion On My Singing.
  39. Another Singing Critique Thread
  40. Harmonies
  41. Should I do backing vocals, or just get my vocalist to buy a harmony pedal?
  42. Low pitched singing
  43. Is there a way to instantly tell if I'm straining my voice?
  44. Why is Matt Bellamy considered a Tenor?
  45. How is this possible?
  46. what do you guys think of my voice?
  47. Tips on singing backup?
  48. Head Voice
  49. What does a complete beginner do?
  50. Need some tips
  51. What is "Head Voice" etc..
  52. How to do death metal grunts
  53. My singing range
  54. Critique my singing please.
  55. Is it possible to get my falsetto to sound anywhere near as full as my mixed voice?
  56. looking for singing input
  57. Singing not cleanly, but also not
  58. About Tone-Deafness
  59. "Learning" to sing without lessons
  60. opening lung exercizes
  61. My first song with my vocals
  62. Joel O'Keefe type vocals?
  63. Sounds like a cold?
  64. Vocal Damage
  65. Realistic Improvement
  66. yet another critique thread
  67. Screaming
  68. getting that real low deathgrowl
  69. Singing and Playing the Bass with a Pick
  70. How long before someone sees an improvement?
  71. Head/Chest Voice
  72. Critique my vocals (mp3 inside)
  73. Are singers with higher voices/wider ranges usually considered more pleasant sounding
  74. A show tonight. But no voice. HELP!!!
  75. sound
  76. Budget Vocal amp.
  77. Is Screaming a valid vocal technique
  78. Singing with distortion
  79. Yet another critique thread!
  80. first time posting myself singing here..
  81. Vocals And Smoking
  82. Is it possible for me to sing with this voice?
  83. How to practice this?
  84. "good" singing voice vs "bad" singing voice
  85. bands first VOCAL amp
  86. Hetfield
  87. Holding notes/Expanding duration of vocals
  88. So what's with the whole tenor obsession?
  89. Notes coming out flat?
  90. Singing with a tired throat?
  91. Powerful Voice?
  92. My Voice Is To Soft
  93. Chuck Schuldiner/Daniel Mongrain/James Malone Vocal style
  94. How do you know if you've blown your voice?
  95. vocalist need
  96. voice breaking
  97. smokers voice
  98. Singing while playing
  99. Is it the flu or is it me?
  100. "Jackal of Downtown" - please critique my singing in this song.
  101. Thinking about performing soon...need critique
  102. Vocall tips
  103. For those with "no head voice"
  104. Critique my singing/performance
  105. Getting My Falsetto Back?
  106. How does this sound? (new gear test)
  107. Bel Canto Technique
  108. The utility of singing lesson
  109. Evolution and the vocal cords
  110. The really low notes.
  111. Low key vocals with rock sound.
  112. Paradise City.....Or any GNR Song?
  113. Iris cover, any singing tips?
  114. How does this sound ((vocals ona song i made))
  115. Coheed and Cambria Singing
  116. Just wanting some critique
  117. Bad singer wants to be passable
  118. Any safe way to "Dave Grohl" scream?
  119. Should I continue my singing lessons?
  120. Cool performance by Jazy Z and Bridget kelly (good singing)
  121. Singing problem...
  122. Killin the Blues duet (nice harmonies)
  123. BTBAM vocals
  124. Dashboard cover - crits or tips ?
  125. Throat closing up?
  126. falsetto issue
  127. Singing in the Style of Marco Hietala?
  128. How do you hear youself when you play live?
  129. Please help : screaming
  130. Sup S&V
  131. Take singing lessons?
  132. great new Bel Canto resource
  133. murdering my voice for positive effect
  134. Question about bass ranges
  135. should i scream
  136. Easy songs?
  137. How do you know when your really singing in your own range?
  138. Vox
  139. Have I killed my falsetto?
  140. Does playing a brass or woodwind instrument put strain on your voice?
  141. song recommendations baritone
  142. harmonizing vocals
  143. Crit my singing please?
  144. been practicing, need more help.
  145. can a bass vocalist do c minor?
  146. Harmonic voice
  147. duration of screaming?
  148. My Vocals are getting weaker
  149. Tips on my singing
  150. Critique on current progress