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  1. Drums
  2. So who is your favorite drummer?
  3. Tuning Drums
  4. How many of you have bought drums just for fun?
  5. which drum set should i buy?
  6. Can we stop trolling the drum forum?
  7. Hi!
  8. Resources
  9. Favourite drum solos?
  10. Favorite drum style on a particular album.
  11. Drum Gear
  12. The Electronic Drums Thread!
  13. Why did you start playing drums
  14. Drum Covers Thread
  15. Drum FAQ (Planning Thread)
  16. reggae drum groove
  17. Favourite drum sound on a song / album?
  18. Drum Corps / Drumline Thread
  19. Buying my first drum kit
  20. NDD! (New Drum Day ;) )
  21. The Official Drum Forum Chat Thread.
  22. Underrated Drummers?
  23. Good Drummers that live up to the hype?
  24. Essential Links Thread / READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD
  25. The ONLY Percussion Thread
  26. Any good drum programs?
  27. Drum "triggers"
  28. The Drum Forum Useful/Important Links
  29. Drummer Stereotypes
  30. What Drum Sticks Do You Use?
  31. Bass Drum - Heel up or Heel down?
  32. Drum Forum Competitions?
  33. The Official Drumless/Drum's Only Tracks Thread!
  34. Your Proudest Drumming Moment?
  35. Can you do Heel Toe?
  36. Blast Beat help
  37. We need to Advertise the Drum Forum.
  38. Need Help
  39. Need a recommendation for a kit.
  40. Need some help..
  41. SNARE THREAD! pull them snares tight and lets get hittin'
  42. Latest Work Feedback
  43. The Used Drumset/Beginner Guide: Who, what, where, why, and how much?
  44. Blisters?
  45. Timing Advice
  46. advice for a guitarist
  47. Drummers, where to find them
  48. Bass Drum Boot Camp
  49. Vintage?
  50. EH's Drum Kit
  51. Cheap Electric Kit for a beginner
  52. Drum Clinics
  53. Roland TD-9 Percussion sound module for sale on ebay!
  54. Good Limb Independence Exercises?
  55. Need Help!!!!!
  56. Official UG Drum Forum Competition: May 2011
  57. Up for some collaboration?
  58. Drum Programs
  59. Chain, belt or direct drive?
  60. Drum Software
  61. Electronic kit snare problem
  62. Concert (single headed) toms
  63. Tom Sawyer (I know, it's cliche, but still..)
  64. Roland TD-9 Percussion sound module for sale on ebay! 2:30 left, still cheap
  65. Electric/Acoustic Drums?
  66. Need advise buying my first drum kit
  67. Drumless tracks?
  68. Need help buying an electric drum set
  69. The sitting thing
  70. Gonna need to get new snare wires sometime, suggestions?
  71. What's this cymbal?
  72. NDD!! (New Drum Day)
  73. selling Roland FD-8 High Hat Control Pedal cheap, link inside
  74. selling Roland PD-105BK Dual Trigger Pad - cheap, link inside
  75. Jam tracks for drums
  76. Zildjian ZXT Ride and Sabian B8 Hats
  77. Time signature.
  78. Really abrasive drum tone?
  79. Decent Drum Heads?
  80. Trying to use Ultrabeat on Logic Express to make a blues backing track: Help?
  81. Electric drums in an apartment? Getting noise complaints.
  82. How To make your Shitty Drum Kit Sound Half Decent
  83. Songs That Are Your Jam!
  84. Why is this drummer horrible?
  85. Ride Cymbal for jazz
  86. Any idea what cymbals these are?
  87. In the pocket playing
  88. Travis Barker.
  89. Need some help working out this drum part...
  90. new heads
  91. Combining/Mixing Hi-Hats
  92. Paiste 24in Giant Beat?
  93. Why all the hate, on...
  94. Drum Theory
  95. Ncd!
  96. Show/Describe Your Kits
  97. Do you play in a band/group?
  98. Traditional Grip
  99. Enlighten me.
  100. Matt Greiner.
  101. Electric Kits
  102. anyone ever try the hammerax liquicy cymbal?
  103. Broken Cymbals! :D
  104. Keeping bass drum from moving live
  105. DoTW - 12 May 2011 - Adam Gray
  106. The best skill a drummer can have...
  107. DoTW Sign up Thread.
  108. Quality guiatr pro drumtracks
  109. What to practice without kit
  110. Do other people do this?
  111. Weird painful prickly sensation.
  112. Howdy
  113. Crit my playing (video)
  114. Lining Bass Drum with Aluminum Foil
  115. Moongel dampening gels??
  116. Virtual Drums?
  117. A new beat I just made up (I think).
  118. Ice Drums
  119. What drum software?
  120. Double bass
  121. How do I practice double bass?
  122. Millenium Drum
  123. got yourself on record? who would share a beat?
  124. So I just did this vid-
  125. Buying an E-Drum Set cheap
  126. Electric drum kit for my brother
  127. Official UG Drum Forum Competition: May 2011 Voting Thread
  128. Finish is bubbling up
  129. Bucket Drumming!
  130. Dreams Always Abandon Us - Looking for a drummer.......
  131. So I want a drum kit...
  132. Drum Pad Held
  133. Videos that make you want to give up....
  134. Youtube Drummers
  135. Drum shields how effective are they?
  136. The Official Drum Forum Planning Thread.
  137. DotM - June 2011 - Bobby Jarzombek
  138. Feet, What To Do About Them?
  139. Dirtiest cymbals ever
  140. How do you do rock beat with 16th on Hihat?
  141. Dead ride cymbal, need new ride + crash
  142. How to get more power from a bass drum
  143. Question regarding health + drums
  144. birthday present for a drummer?!
  145. Zildjian Bronze Cymbals?
  146. Oh look, It's a drum forum..........
  147. How to practice drumming without ANY gear?
  148. Fills in Pieces
  149. Your Drum kit?
  150. Broken Electric Hi-hat Pedal