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  1. lost phone and favorites
  2. Tab Pro Mobile
  3. First Thread!
  4. Apps for mobile version of the forums.
  5. Looping mode for TAB PRO mode
  6. Tab Pro Tempo Adjust
  7. quick suggestion
  8. iPad
  9. Ability to download gp files
  10. synch andriod with online
  11. HELP, how do i link my app?
  12. Android App does not load
  13. Android app won't load when no data connection
  14. Synchronize lost almost all my Favorites
  15. iPad Chord position left aligning?
  16. Suggestion for intro click beats
  17. Suggestion for tunings
  18. Missing Features in iPad App.
  19. Metronome bug-like creature
  20. Tab Pro bought but force closing
  21. Ultimate Guitar app won't restore my purchases.
  22. Android apps cannot verify license
  23. Can I rate tabs in the iPad app?
  24. Android - screen too small?
  25. Does not save favorites
  26. Tab Pro Tempo
  27. iphone app UG pro
  28. Is there a way of using UG mobile app to search for GPro tabs
  29. Fretboard display for left handed people.
  30. Notes field in IOS APP
  31. Really guys? Really?
  32. Ultimate Guitar HD iPad - tab Pro Support?
  33. Edit local copy on iPad - feature request
  34. Syncing Favorites between devices
  35. UG iPad app won't let me log in
  36. tab pro probs w/ searches, local files and non pro tabs
  37. Windows 8 app?
  38. How do i cancel my subscription?
  39. How do I find my Favorites from my mobile applications on the site?
  40. OAUTH2 support, site and web
  41. pricing...
  42. Ultimate Guitar Tabs app - Android - Bugs/Feature requests
  43. Mobile Games :-
  44. syncing
  45. Tab Pro Extra
  46. Chord Symbols in App
  47. cant play music
  48. Android App 1.7.1 - local Edit & Playlist Sequence
  49. Ipad app not working after iOS6 update
  50. Guitar Pro lagging.
  51. Tab pack load failure
  52. Android app on Nexus 7
  53. Offline viewing on Android app
  54. iPad and Tab Creation
  55. LARGER font please & Save scroll speed
  56. Playlist order!
  57. Swap operating systems?
  58. Multitasking on android
  59. iPhone app freezing
  60. Offline Transposing
  61. Tab Pro on i9300
  62. Tab Pro - no loop
  63. Android Tab Packs - error when synchronizing
  64. Ipad tab app
  65. Feature Request
  66. Ultimate Guitar Tabs
  67. confusion over activation number
  68. UG with Samsung Galaxy Beam
  69. Tabs erased?
  70. Can you add Starship Trooper - Yes
  71. New songful app
  72. Request: Tab Pro & Ultimate Guitar Tools 4 WP8
  73. You might want to proof-read your notifications in future..
  74. Android app in ICS Galaxy Tab 10.1
  75. UG Forums App
  76. Android Tab Updates
  77. Tab Pro for Android
  78. iPad Apps
  79. UG.Chords APP for android Loading Resources
  80. Account Sync - iPhone, iPad,
  81. Android app help
  82. lost favorites?
  83. Ultimate Guitar Tabs Android on Sam Galaxy Nexus
  84. Andriod App on Galaxy Tab 10.1 not working after upgrade
  85. Adding a song in tab pack to favorites
  86. Favorites will not save on my droid
  87. Song Import From Folder
  88. mobile apps dont work together
  89. Help needed syncing android phone
  90. android-> apple app
  91. Tabs no longer available on android app
  92. Fatal Error - Android App
  93. Just purchased for iPhone. Not valid for iPad?
  94. Can not find songs on iPad
  95. Error contacting licensing server.
  96. Kindle Fire App
  97. Sort feature missing on iPad app
  98. Import/read own local tab txt files?
  99. Suggestion for UG Apple app
  100. no pro app
  101. Problem with iPad search
  102. transpose in favourites
  103. Requests for the app
  104. any plans for Bluetooth Page turning compatability
  105. Unable to sign in on mobile app
  106. Fatal error
  107. Sync Favourites
  108. Version confusion...
  109. Tuner App Suggestion
  110. Ipad app network unavailable.
  111. Android app doesn't display lots of tabs anymore
  112. App doesn't work at all
  113. iPhone/iPad - what's the difference!?
  114. Synching Favorites
  115. Google login
  116. Crashes on search attempt
  117. No access to tabs after subscription
  118. Tab pro for android is useless on tab
  119. Won't show search results
  120. Paid for the Tab Pro on Phone but no PC access
  121. Lifetime subscription ipad
  122. We are the best producer of quality fake documents.
  123. iPad App UG frozen HELP
  124. UG on Android - Stopped working following software update
  125. no method to make playlists
  126. Sync TabPro add-on between Android devices
  127. Delay scrolling
  128. App Difference: "UG Tabs & Chords" vs "UG Tab Pro"
  129. Unable to get Guitar Tools or Tab Pro to "link" with Tabs & Chords app
  130. Login details for Tabs HD IOS?
  131. Guitalele Scale for Guitar Tools
  132. Problem with nickname
  133. Offline Issues Iphone and Ipad (UG App)
  134. Add a widget! Please :D
  135. Lifetime subscription?
  136. Cancel auto renewal for tab pro hd on ipad
  137. New app suggestion !!!!!!!!!
  138. Mobile Apps FAQ
  139. Is there an app I can use to submit tabs from my pad
  140. Tabs app
  141. IPad Scrolling Too Fast
  142. How to log in with facebook in UG's app for iphone ?
  143. Tab Pro HD for Android or Win8?
  144. Two Guitar for the Tab Packs?
  145. Allow Personalized Corrections!
  146. Where can I get a full price listing for the android app?
  147. Going Back To Main Screen on App
  148. Problems with Display
  149. Can I share my subscription on my Ipad with my android devices?
  150. Stop Autoscroll