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02-12-2009, 06:44 PM
Tell me what you guys think. I need some opinions on some parts of the song. It's kinda long but please give it a listen. C4C

Artemis Entreri
02-12-2009, 06:51 PM
I feel like I've heard something just like that before. Sounds cool if you didn't copy it.

Imperial Throg
02-12-2009, 07:19 PM
Dream theater and a half?
Really good. The intro maybe a wee bit unoriginal, but well done nonetheless. I like the way all the instruments come in. Drums and keyboard are awesome throughout the song.
most of the riffs are really good, some are indescribably awesome (Like the bit at 185 the bit from 193-195 and from 250). I actually wanted to keep listening all the way through, didn't want to stop to pick out where the bad bits were! It was really interesting, the way this sort of stuff should be exactly. I'll just point out flaws in my opinion.

The chord first used at 20, the 3243, but its used throughout the song- I see what you tried to do there, dissonance and stuff, but it really didn't suit anywhere I heard it, I'm afraid. 145-154 didn't sound quite right, probably the harmony between the rhythm and leads, and the difference in speed between the rhythm and leads.
The part after 285ish seemed not to really link to the last bit, maybe change the link a bit.

I like the building tension at the end. Really good stuff.

02-19-2009, 09:56 AM
I have to agree with the users above me, it sounds quite a bit like dream theater and Symphony X. Not in a bad way, but there are some riffs in there that sound similliar to some of their works. I think that the song suffers from the many time signature changes. Personally, Iīd think you should use them less to make them more effictively. The drums seem very portnoy-ish, with the same hi-hat usage. I personally think the song could use less double-bass, but thatīs your choice :). One thing Iīd change is the solo background. I canīt find my head to create a nice melody instead of pointless scale wankage there. Too bad there is no actual Solo over it. The time changesd to 120 bpm before, and the next one to 135 bothered me a bit, too. One thing I liked very much was the "big thing" at 306. Such a shame you didnīt repeat it and didnīt set a counterpoint melody under it with the bass. I personally thing you need a better ending, just letting it stop like that seems stupid. Maybe work on some bits, because this will be very likely a very good progressive metal song.

03-02-2009, 02:12 PM
Wow I'm loving the intro to this song. The time signatures are great. I didn't like bar 40. It felt very weird. Afterwords liking it again. good use of that 9/8 signature. I like the second half of verse one a lot with the nice leads. mmm lol. That Instrumental Break was very cool. The drums sound so nice. Damn I'm liking this a lot haha. That guitar/key solo thing at 145 was a bit ridiculous. 165 sounds cool, some nice trills in there. Oh my god the keys at 193 haha. 250 was very progressive feeling. Cool clean interlude thing. I liked the end a lot; very big feel to it, so nice but ended abruptly lol...only thing i didn't like. sorry for the delay just didn't have the time to crit. Very good 9/10!