My Solo Record (Solitas) -Progressive/Industrial Metal- (GP5/4, MIDI)


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03-02-2009, 07:50 PM
So, as Broadsword knows, I have been sitting down writing material for over 16 hours. That amount of writing brought about three songs (one instrumental and extremely short, one short thrasher, but the real song is "A New Breed", and then the beginnings of "Sun-Drenched").

Yeppers, please enjoy. Influenced entirely by Devin Townsend's work (ahem...tuning :p: ), Jerry Cantrell, and Dream Theater.

I will update as the songs update. I plan to have this recorded before the year is out.

GOREDIT: I've gotten farther into Sun-Drenched.

03-02-2009, 11:38 PM
This is very solid, Slay. The songs actually remind me a bit of Webbtje's works on here, so if you ever have the time you should check them out if you haven't yet. The only real fault I have is with the clean section in A New Breed. I personally thought the styles clashed, and when it switched over completely I just couldn't connect it to the previous part of the song. It was kind of a 'Watershed' moment, if you catch my drift (although for you that may be a good thing, I can't remember :p: ).

Looking good so far, man.

Mind critting an old song of mine? I'm thinking of bringing it to audio-life...

03-02-2009, 11:39 PM
I know it clashed a bit, but yes I wanted a bit of an abrupt moment. I'm a slight fan of that :p:

I'll check out yer song, as I've checked Webbech's before.

03-03-2009, 08:22 AM
As with most of your pieces I've critiqued. It's really not a genre I would normally listen to, but I'm really impressed.

Was the tuning of the guitar at-all Devin Townsend/Strapping Young Lad influenced? By any chance?
- Okay, screwww that I just saw you mentioned that above. Atleast I noticed it. :p:

The drum fill from bar 5 to 7 was amazing.

The 7/8 timing was weird but cool, the kick seemed a little too fast for my liking and seemed a little impossible. But Devin' used a drum machine (EZDrummer Drumkit From Hell?! I think, actually) on Ziltoid' The Omniscient (spelling?!), so I don't see why a drum machine couldn't be used here aswell. :)

The riff in the verse was a little 'deathcore' but it was pretty cool.

I really liked the riff at 24, that's the kind of really agressive riff I like. :D

The chorus was really cool, the drums are holding the piece together nicely. Without being to generic, may I add. They reminded me a bit of Mark Portnoy (I think that's his nice) from Dream Theater.

The prechorus thing at 58 was again, deathcore. But really good and led into the chorus really well.

The effects at like, 79 made me laugh but when the 'band' came back it was really good. Again, the drums were great. Aswell as the riff, which was cool.

The change into triplets or 3/4 time or whatever, you know the bit; was a bit sudden, but the abrupt-ness kind of worked well.

I really liked the chorus here, it was kind of epic. The lead at 121 only made it better. :D It made it heavy, yet melodic. Sort of...

The bridge had a really weird sound, I'm not sure of it. If you like, go with it. It just sounds odd to me.

The 'new verse' riff was cool, I really liked the way you used the Ebsus 2 and the C in there, instead of just the power-chords.

I really liked the cleans at 173 (I think), they're kind of eerie and have a really nice feel to them. The leads on the jazz guitar thing were great aswell. I'd suggest having something in the background to fill the sound out a bit... Not sure what, but I think something is needed.

At 193 the mood totally changed. It took a bit of getting used to but once I did, it was a really nice contrast. The distored bit was cool aswell, it sort of had the heavy vibe, and kept that major feel to it. Again, good work on the drums.

The outro was really cool, it sort of, like. The first half of the riff is happy and 'yay' sounding, then you get that outside note or whatever it is and it adds a sense of melancholy (spelling?)

The third part/song was quite nice, the clean arpeggions at the begining were generic but they worked. The distorted parts made them more interesting though. The leads at 259 (I think...) were weird, but that might just be MIDI fxcking the sound up.

The last part of it was probably my favourite.
The riff really reminds me of Strapping Young Lad. I know I've heard something like it by Devin' somewhere...

When it picks up at 279 it's really cool, good use of alternating from 9/8 to 4/4.
It all ends a bit abruptly, but it works. Y' know?!

*Wait's to see if there's anymore...*

Righty ho, that's all.
Overall, pretty good job. I'm impressed.

03-09-2009, 04:10 PM
I've realized I need to write stuff for my main band (EP soon, Boss promised me a recording weekend). I finished Sun-Drenched's meant to be a mood-changer.

Inquiries is in a different tuning (A# F C G C E or Open Cadd11), so it's in a different file, but I haven't finished it (only two riffs in).