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04-03-2009, 09:08 AM


I have decided to sell this guitar, it's a no namer I got off Ebay. I'm listing it as a project because it probably needs a bit of work to get it to play comfortably, I've already done a couple of things myself, but somebody with more skill than me could probably do a better job.

WORK DONE: When I got the guitar the action was stupidly high, even with the bridge as low as it would go, so I decided to shim the neck, I used 2 squares cut from a credit card then superglued together, which I think may have been overkill as 1 peice or something thinner would have done the job. The action is now a lot better I'd say it's now medium height.

The strap button was originally on the outside of the horn for some reason so I relocated it to the back of the horn, the original hole is still there as I don't have anything to fill it with.

OTHER PROBLEMS: There are a couple more things that you may not like about this guitar, the hardware and screws are of low quality, the screws round easily and the metal in the birdge screws isn't great and has become a little jagged.

The neck is very thick, think P-Bass thick and is unfinished so not very fast, I suppose it could be reshaped if somebody is looking to make a neck and wants to cut out some of the work. The screw holding in the D string tuner is almost completely rounded so you'd need a tool to remove it.

The body is stupidly heavy, but appears to be made of ply wood, also it's not amazingly cut where to body meets the neck, coming from the horn.

The neck pickup is very muddy, almost muddy beyond use.

THE GOOD: I have to be 100% honest this is far from the best guitar in the world, however I think it could have potential if somebody wants a cheap project for over the summer or whatever. I'm also willing to sell the body and neck sepeartely if that interests anyone.

I'll sell it for 35+postage or if you want to part it out 20+postage for the body and 15+postage for the neck. I'd also consider trades for a set of humbuckers or some sort of bass effects pedal. I'm open to offers on the price too depending on what sort of mood I'm in at the time.

04-03-2009, 06:13 PM
If somebody can get to Baglan train station in South Wales will let it got for 15

04-05-2009, 01:07 PM
Bump, open to offers