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05-20-2009, 09:18 AM

Picked up a mandolin off a friend a few weeks ago. Coming along pretty nicely. I'm just trying to get some chords under my belt. I bought it because I saw this video ( and Levon Helm happens to be a hero of mine.

My question is, aside from that song and Copperhead Road, what are some good country rock/rockabilly tunes I could try to learn? I've been picking out the vocal melodies for some old country stuff (Tennessee Waltz, Wildwood Flower, High on a Hilltop), but I'm looking for strumming stuff to work on chord changes. I could just play along to songs and add a mandolin, but songs that have distinct mano parts (Copperhead Road) are just too much fun.

Any suggestions?

Jazz Funeral
06-09-2009, 04:01 PM
Firstly, have you listened to more Steve Earle? On the Copperhead Road album is "Johnny Come Lately". Here are some other Steve Earle tunes: "Billy and Bonnie" "Dominick St." "Sarah's Angel" "My Uncle" (a Flying Burrito Brothers song) and "I Still Carry You Around" are a few. He also put out two bluegrass albums: Train a Comin' and The Mountain. The latter with the Del McCoury Band.

Check out:

"Trudy and Dave" by John Hiatt
"Maggie Mae" and "Mandolin Wind" by Rod Stewart
"No More Parades" by Son Volt, you can hear it behind the banjo.
"Fallen Eagle" and "Don't Look at My Shadow" by Stephen Stills and Manassas

It ain't much, but I hope it helps.

06-09-2009, 04:14 PM
Hey Hey What Can I Do by Led Zeppelin and Love in Vain by the stones.