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05-26-2009, 05:53 PM
I didn't see a thread, soo...

its the original members of molly hatchet for the most part, I've heard some recordings and have been impressed

I'm seeing them in a few months when they come to my town for free =), so I'm looking forward to that

what are your thoughts on Gator Country, or Molly Hatchet?

06-06-2009, 11:56 PM
I did see them perform for the Danny Joe benifit concert on Utube a while back . It would be great to hear that Hachet sound again . I saw the original crew in the late 70's and later as I lived in Fl most of my life. And they were fricken awesome , heavy southern rock "guitar" sound. Great stage presents to me . Great live sound.

I feel like they did'nt get and still don't get the reconignition that they deserved. Their legacy should be stronger .Especially from the likes of the VH1 type media and others that for the most part ignore or over look alot of good rock of the southern genra , ( I don't consider myself a southerner as much a American btw ) Where as some lesser impacting bands will have a whole documentary about them.

Guitar players should appreciate Molly Hachet. I think.

One major thing missing in this current line up ( besides the obvious Danny Joe lead vocals) is the Great one , " Dave Hlubek " on guitar. He was or is the "Heat"


also check out some Blackfoot , some good stuff there

06-08-2009, 02:41 AM
already listening to blackfoot, and yes, I agree, molly hatchet is incredibly underappreciated, I like them more than skynyrd, I think I can relate to this band more because theyre grittier and dirtier and basically a heavier more badass skynyrd, but obviuosly they do their own thing, theyre not a poor mans skynyrd by any means, but theyre like sort of the bad guys of southern rock, by the way, you like firefall and poco or any of the softer southern bands like that?

I guess well turn this into a southern rock thread haha

06-08-2009, 07:47 PM
Its funny I had to Utube Fire Fall and Poco to recall what they performed. Now I recall and can appreciate the talent but I was more into the harder stuff in gereral back then and still today .

Its interesting that at you age you even know of these bands and some in your favorites , kinda unusual these days , but thats a good thing. ( my sons 18 also, more into metal )

Now about skynyrd, sometimes we forget how damn good they were, because their are so often in the back ground on the radio in our daily lives that we just don't think about them , I'm sure that goes for alot of old stuff. But they had a wide range of music that dosent get played on typical radio line ups. Sometimes its good to review their old material with alot of volume of course , great guitar heavy material.

Sadly I never saw the original cast of Skynyrd, but if you get a chance to see the new crew (ever shrinking, RIP Billy Powel ) the spirit comes thru with their performances , well worth it, and you get the great Ricky Metlock from Blackfoot to accompany Gary Rosington for some good lead guitar work. We plan on seeing them in N.C. next month to offset some Metallica in Oct , I'm all over the place. Gotta love it.


06-09-2009, 12:44 AM
haha, my parents call me their throwback child lol, I have a turn table up in my room with a stack of records, whats really funny is one of them might have been my dad's in the seventies, his initials are AAB, and on thee inside of the sleeve there is a really really faint faded AB, I think it's my marshall tucker band album, but ya, my three favorite bands are grateful dead, tom petty & heartbreakers, then the third one kinda goes back and forth between which ever badn I'm feeling the most that week, this weeks its been the outlaws, and or nitty gritty dirt band, bands that come very close to my top three are boston, hot tuna, marshall tucker band, blackfoot, firefall, allman bros, and the list never ends
I saw lynyrd skynyrd last summer after a baseball game, and the show sucked pretty bad, the stadium probably isnt the greatest venue but I've seen a couple other shows there that were decent, it could have just been a bad night, but it was pretty bad
my favorite skynyrd song is definately "Every mother's son", that one is awesome, they play it for The midnight special, is that what the show was called?, but ya, I like old tv shows, old music, old technology, hate cell phones, hate texting, like early 70s muscle cars, on my ipod my movies are smokey and the bandit, fast times at ridgemont high, class, stoned age, and dazed and confused,
so ya, I should have been born a generation earlier haha

not much of a metallica fan, but this summer I have plenty of great shows, the only one thats not free is the aerosmith zztop show at the end of the month for which I have tickets, Gator country, foghat, mick taylor band, steve earle(who did he play with before solO?), Joe Greschecky, a blues festival which usually winds up having some really good bands---local and established acts, patty smith/scandal, I might see firefall and Poco, but that show is a bit far away