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06-21-2009, 01:49 PM
this shouldnīt be a thread where we discuss American punk and moan about it or anything like that, but during the years in this forum I marked, that the world looks on the punk apex USA and American punks listen to American punk and to punk that sounds American.
I like lots of American punk bands by the way.

Of course there are Anarcho punk lovers here and some who know some japanese and italian stuff and whatever. I discussed that topic with whyvern last year.....The only German bands people in the USA care about are bands like Oxymoron, Spermbirds or Surf Nazis must die which are exclusively bands that really donīt sound different from lots of bands over there.
What people tend to ignore is that thereīs a kind of european punk, which is really good but sounds a bit different, but it seems to me that it has no chance.
Brian sometimes says something similar about British punk and I think itīs not so different to Japan for example.

I accept that the USA are the cultural leaders of the oxidental world, but I find it quite disturbing in punk since thatīs indirect/not willing cultural imperialism in a genre of diversity. Can anyone explain this a bit or talk with me about that?
(Axe I know you like Slime)

06-21-2009, 02:53 PM
The only German band I care about is Kraftwerk.

06-21-2009, 03:13 PM
That's a pretty interesting point. I listen to mostly American punk and that's probably because most American punk bands are connected to other American bands in some way and I discover other American punk bands through that. I guess I just haven't taken the effort to explore a ton of punk that's outside America. I really should explore punk from some other countries though.

06-21-2009, 03:35 PM
I mostly listen to American punk as well, and to be honest its probably because of the good 'ol american ignorance. I haven't ever really thought about what punk is like in other places like Europe or Japan, but that being said im not the most learned on American punk as well... im just overall ignorant haha.

06-21-2009, 04:07 PM
I prefer English Anarcho Punk, yet their are also many good American Punk Bands: Aus-Rotten, Dead Kennedys, World Burns To Death

06-21-2009, 05:29 PM
I've seen people rock SS Kaliert shirts. I played a show with them and Monster Squad and there was a decent amount of people there.

06-21-2009, 05:55 PM
I like to listen to bands where they sing in English, I like to know what they are saying. I have a lot of bands from England and a couple from Ireland, and Australia, and the US of A...and most German bands I have heard weren't my style, honestly, most foreign bands I have listen to were pretty bad.

06-21-2009, 06:03 PM
I think the language barrier is a big thing, which really sucks. I constantly find great bands from all over the world singing in various languages, while most people in north america are severely limiting the amount of great music they can experience.

Of course, this is more prevalent in certain styles than others. Crust bands, for example, from different areas tend to develop better north american followings.

06-21-2009, 06:11 PM
I honestly have a hard time getting into bands who don't sing in English.

06-21-2009, 06:13 PM
It's kind of something you have to learn to like really. It can be a bit intimidating at first but especially with languages that are similar to english like french, german or spanish you can usually get the gist of what the songs are about anyway.

Plus, we listen to punk. Seriously, don't tell me you can understand what the bands are singing about anyway. :p:

06-21-2009, 06:19 PM
I think it's more that once I hear a band singing in French or Spanish or whatever I give up on them and don't really ever go back to it. I've heard some Spanish hardcore bands that sound good, but I only listened to their albums once. I think it's the sing along factor. I only speak English and have limited understanding of Spanish, so I can't drive around singing the songs.

06-22-2009, 08:36 AM
^I agree with Jordan, often itīs doable to get what bands are singing with looking at some of their lyrics, when you know one roman language youīre probably able to get the point. Furthermore lots of bands are bilingual in a certain way, so sing in their mother tongue and also in English, I for example also listen to the gaelic Oi Polloi, though I get nothing of that.

06-22-2009, 11:41 AM
Erm...good point.

I bought a great punk comp, called "World Class Punk"

A lot of wicked bands from around the globe.

Tbh, the sheer number of punk bands makes it pretty overwhelming for a punk fan to venture out of US/UK punk bands, but it's worth the effort.

Jett Diamond
06-22-2009, 11:59 AM
I've found some French bands that I've been enjoying. There's a kind of cool compilation called Paris Calling that I've heard a few things from and dug (though I don't have it). In general though, I stick to my own language just because I feel more comfortable and like knowing what's going on. I really don't think it makes me a stuck up American to listen to bands that sing in English (not that you were insinuating such, lavazza).

06-22-2009, 02:04 PM
I have a few punk stuff from other countries, but the only one I listen to regularly is a French band, and mostly to their non-punk songs :s. I dunno why.

06-22-2009, 04:07 PM
I think it might be different if punk wasn't a really lyrics and sing along oriented genre. Like Collin said, everyone wants to sing along to their punk albums in their car or whatever. A band like Envy who sing in Japanese are pretty popular in the US, but it's a different kind of music. There are other things to love about punk in different languages and I guess people just have to take the effort to find it. I definitely will explore some more non US punk.

/retarded sounding post :p:

06-23-2009, 07:24 PM
I love Japanese HC.

Tom and the Boot Boys ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC

Asian Punk FTW.. Discocks. Disclose. Ya know what it does.

I like Rattus from Finland?
GBH from europe?
Bands that sing in spanish are also whats up.

I like em all. American Punk sometimes suck i have to admit because the style keeps changing. PowerViolence FTW!!! 80's american HC ftw..

Also.. NYHC is the best. From before and now haha.

06-23-2009, 07:28 PM
I don't care, I just listen to what I think is entertaining. It doesn't always have to be from one country.

Most of the stuff I listen to is American though.

06-23-2009, 07:29 PM
Australian punk is funny, because they're so nice.

Most Japanese punk is pretty awful: (Nazis)

This is kinda cool though:

06-29-2009, 04:01 PM
Australian punk is funny, because they're so nice.

Most Japanese punk is pretty awful: (Nazis)

That was terrible indeed (the other video was kinda funny thought) :( :( :( :(

06-29-2009, 06:36 PM
im partial to english stuff but i like it all

hellratz is german right?

ps- i luvs me some oxymoron