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07-08-2009, 10:04 AM
Hello everyone,

First, I urge you to watch this wonderful peace of art:

The song in this video is GREAT.
I will appreciate it very much if someone will help me find the chords for this song (hope I'm in the right place)

Here are the lyrics, for your convenience:

Be just who you want to be, my friend
You just got to trust in faith.
Do the things you want to do Ďcause life donít wait.
Take it easy keep your head up high
No need of sorrow and despair
Just keep on moving itís such a wonders world out there.

The years are flashing by and everything will change
But way down deep inside We all just stay the same
And down below
Old memories come alive and then we know
Down below.

Itís a long road we all got to walk
But thereís an awful lot to see
And the sun keeps rising up wherever you may be.
Fly the ocean dive into the blue
No need for sorrow and despair
Just keep moving itís such a wonders world out there.

Thanks a million!