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07-14-2009, 06:49 AM
Hey guys, I've got two songs, both pretty much done. Not sure what genre, maybe post rock I guess. I just want to know what you think of them, I'm getting ready to record curtains close this week.

At the moment neither have vocals (Hence the instrumental lol) I am interested in adding vocals, but unfortunately I can't sing to well and I don't know anyone that can.

Crit both or or just one, I'll give a return crit for each decent one I get. :)

Edit: Gp4 and .mp3 added in the zip file, Listen to the .wav preferably, It's a recording of the properly mixed rse, .gp5 version.

Link to zip:

07-14-2009, 06:54 AM
Can you attatch them as gp4 files, or midi please?
Im currently writing an instrumental 'post rock' song, and i would quite like to hear this.

07-14-2009, 07:16 AM
I like the first one
I wish I could do that lol

07-14-2009, 07:21 AM
Can you attatch them as gp4 files, or midi please?
Im currently writing an instrumental 'post rock' song, and i would quite like to hear this.

I guess, It's just I've spent ages mixing it and getting it perfectly right so It wont sound any good without the RSE. What about as an MP3?

edit: Which song do you want? or both?

@Minolta: What do you like about it specifically! :haha: Thanks.

07-14-2009, 07:26 AM
MP3 would be great thanks, as long as its not too much trouble.
And yeah both. (Y)

07-14-2009, 08:06 AM
Added Mp3 and Gp4. :D

07-14-2009, 01:12 PM
Thanks for the crit man.

Curtains Close: I like the overall depressing/creepy vibe going on through it. Bars 22-23 had one strange ass transition though. They didn't flow too well. I can see what you meant on my page when you said you like the notes ringing out a lot now haha, it sounds good though so whatever. Pretty nice work you have here.

The Other One: This one, eh. I couldn't really get into it. I don't quite know how to critique it at the moment but I'll listen to it every now and then to see if something comes to me to help you out. As of now, it's just kinda boring/average. Going by the first piece you can do much better.

07-15-2009, 12:58 PM
Curtains Close: Great name! Loved it! Intro was really nice. Something in the GP itself sounded weird but in real life this would kick ass. The rhythm guitar added to the song. The lead sounded really weird, but when the drums came in it was great. The drums were a little awkward, as all GP drums are. The next part wasn't as good, but also really good. I really liked the Delay part. The part from 67 was great, but a little long. 76 onwards was really amazing, I liked how the Piano alternated with the guitar.
Instrumental: Intro had a very nice faded out feel to it. Great. The lead was kinda unnecessary. I didn't really like the Acoustic re-entry. Bars 30-33 were really nice, the Piano really added there. Then it kinda stretched on. The lead from 53 onwards really added. Cut down some of the acoustic part. Why did you have so many empty bars at the end of both? You know you can cut them with ctrl+x?
C4C? (

07-15-2009, 05:14 PM
Curtains Close:

Really a well composed piece. Just about everything was well written and fits really well together. It had a very large feel to it. Lots of presence I guess you could say. Some really great guitar and bass lines hidden away in here.

On the down side the drums were quite awkward, and I really didn't feel they suited the piece all that well, and your choice of guitar sounds is hideous. There were also times when it felt like something was missing from the picture, a leading melody or something to break things up since for the most part, the song sticks to a single sound or feel.

I've got to admit though, while I liked the song, and while it was really well composed, it was kind of boring as well. There was nothing really there to grab you and suck you in. It the kind of song you'd listen to in a dramatic moment of a movie, not the kind of song that I'd simply listen to on it's own.


I could almost say the same thing about this one as I did the last one. But even more so than the last one this one really feels like it's missing something. There are really big holes here that need to be filled in, and while well composed, it's lacking that certain something to really pull the listener in.