Les Paul Passed Away?


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08-13-2009, 05:08 PM
I was just told that a few minutes ago, and looks like there are a few articles that say it.


08-13-2009, 05:09 PM
it is true..

08-13-2009, 05:12 PM
When a friend sent me an article about it, the second I read the title the opening guitar solo to Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" started. Needless to say, I'm sad.

08-13-2009, 05:16 PM
thats too bad, he was a great guy from interviews i have seen with him. he made and designed some of the best guitars to date.

08-13-2009, 05:16 PM
Man, such a loss. he will surely be missed. his impact on the musical community will never be forgotten. I mean, the man invented multi-track recording. where would we be without that? i just wish i could've seen him before he passed.

RIP Les.