Your prefered string tension for open tunings


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09-21-2009, 10:52 AM
Hey all,

I've been playing my slide almost exclusively in open G. My guitar is strung up with .13 gauge strings and I've been finding it okay.

Over the last week I've been trying out different tunings, open D and then today open E, specifically Mean OldFireman by Fleetwood Mac, , which is just plain awesome.

But what I found was the string tension in open E was SO much more enjoyable to play and rang truer and louder than open G on the lower notes.

What I'm thinking is playing open G but rather than tuning my strings down I'll tune my DGB strings UP. Ditto in open D (effectively it'll be open E right? which'll be great for jamming with other people in standard)

Good idea? Seems better than going to 14 gauge strings, as when I'm playing in standard I already find it tiring on my fingers (sore joints, ripped finger pads) bending close to the nut.