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10-25-2009, 04:45 PM
Hows it going guys

well I had nothing to do this weekend so I thought id try and make an album through Guitar Pro, didnt turn out to well, but in some bits I can see potential.

So here it is for you to view as you wish.

Its 5 songs I Put together, so its more of an EP really, but it sounds more impressive if I call it an album lol :haha: Its mainly random Prog Metal Riffs sorta.

Partial Entirety

1. Genesis - A Slow Clean guitar intro (Has a reverse cymbol at the end which is meant to link the next song, but it doesnt work :peace: )

2. Partial Entirety - The title track has the epic-est ending riff if you can sit through it that long. (Again i tried to have a sustained note leading on to the next songs but didnt work)

3. The world sheds a tear - This is extremely random and has no bearing. I made this after listening to Between the buried and me but just doesnt sound like anything. (Song Im most dissapointed with)

4. Glistening Paradise... - A Soft piano interlude, which calms it down ready for...

5. ...Turns Dark Lit Street - Adrenaline pumping Metal riffing with a sweep towards the end, which I just cant seem to get right :peace:

All files are made on GP5 and are in Midi format so can be open by GP

Feel welcome to take a look at the notes and give me a few pointers.



10-25-2009, 08:46 PM
this all has potential, is a work in progress but you can make this something if you want

1 was not bad, a bit boring maybe but it works

2 this is probably your best here, keep working on it but this is good

3 its scattered and hectic but it has some good riffs if you take the time to sort it out

4 this is fine add some bass notes, make it more complex

5 this has some good riffs and solos

overall its kinda dull in that it doesnt go anywhere, and theres plenty of good lead work but maybe you need more solid riffs under it