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05-06-2010, 01:28 PM
Hey guys :D

Im here with a random blob of notes :D I entered that tab competition and thought since it was competition Id go a bit mad with time signatures, dynamics, etc :D It'd either work really well or really badly but im not bothered :D

The name is referencing 7/4 time signature, but i couldnt do the forward slash in the GP name so i used a dash :D

Crit or whatever and ill crit back, but could someone also export me a midi file :D



Note: Unfinished ;) about 1/4 way through :D

05-06-2010, 05:08 PM
Hi - I'll crit as I listen;

Intro - Quite... complex, I suppose, but not in a bad way - gives the piece a drive from the off, whilst not being 'messy', as a lot of fast sections are. The layers build up nicely with the various keys.

Intro II - Ok, this is quite a nice riff - it flows as well as 7/8 can. Not your usual 'memorable' intro, but this is no bad thing - I realise this probably isn't the type of song you're going for. The piano that comes back in gets a little lost in the mix at this point.

I didn't even notice there was anything playing on the sawtooth until i saw it on the score at the bottom...

Verse I - My main qualm here is the mixing - the strings dominate everything else. The transition between this and verse II seems a little abrupt too... I feel you could perhaps improve the build to Verse II.

Verse II itself doesn't sound too bad, but I think the drums could have a more... continuous beat to them, they seem quite all over the place at the moment.

Bridge is a fine change in intensity, but again is over just as quickly as it started - you've definitely got space to play about in there.

Chorus - the build with the guitar seemed a little empty, but once it got going was quite a powerful chorus. Again, it's just a case of mixing the instruments some more so each one has its own 'space', and isn't lost.

Jazz-eh - Hmm, not too sure about this bit - again, it's a case of an abrupt change out of the chorus. The part itself isn't too bad (though i'm not a fan of the dissonant/clashing parts that occur on occasion), but the way it's brought in could be improved.

I think overall you have a song with some good parts and complex layering, but it's a case of letting each part breath - you've rushed between them. I suggest going back and looking at the structure of the song, and DEFINITELY work on the mixing! I see now you've done... practically none. It's KEY to makng the song SOUND good, even if all the parts are masterpieces in themselves! I'm getting into this far too much!

You've already critiqued a piece of mine, I'll leave it at that.