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Simon Blackwing
10-06-2010, 12:38 PM
1) Do you think it's better to make a song or an instrumental with this?

2) Crits, comments and C4Cs are welcomed

3) I tried to give the song an oriental mood, I enjoyed myself a lot composing the solo starting at bar 49. ;)

10-06-2010, 01:07 PM
Well, to be honest I didn`t really like and also can`t recognise the Heavy Metal in it.
The Dsus2 - Gadd9 chord sound really cheesy and really poppy to me. And the F# in bar 31 is ok as a transition, but the one in the verse, the last two bars 39 and 40 sound really weird to me. (and that G6 in bar 37 is a Gm6(/Bb) because of the Bb in the bass...)
Also the change from 160 to 110 sounded pretty awkward for me. Because there is nothing as an interlude for it. And you go from Dm to Bm all at once...
And at bar 50 a C5 as rythm while the lead plays a C# isn`t also really pleasant to hear.
But riff C was quite alright if you ask me.

And for all of this, it`s my opinion. Someone once said this to me about critism: Use what you can, wipe your ass of with the rest ;)

Simon Blackwing
10-06-2010, 01:41 PM
I understood you, honestly i used the term 'heavy metal' a little in the wrong way, because the's a little difficult to be classified. btw thanks for the crit ;)