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10-15-2010, 11:23 AM
This morning I decided to mess around with writing a celtic folk song, mostly inspired by some riffs I've been playing around with when I practice, by my heritage, and by having the opportunity to go to a place locally that features many Celtic megaliths and what not. In all, I've felt inspired to write some celtic folk music. This is essentially what has turned out in terms of a "first draft." It will have vocals throughout, though I am not certain of any particular vocal melody. I would like comments on the riffs, structure, and any assistance/suggestions to make it more vocal friendly; as well as to make it flow better and have better dynamic changes if needed. I have my own feelings regarding the piece as it stands, however I would like some external points of view so as to remove my own feelings from the equation to some degree.

Any comments on this will be returned on one of your piece to the same extent that you comment. One word/one line will not be returned as I do not like when people C4C for what is essentially thread bumps.

10-15-2010, 12:00 PM
id like to hear it but your link doesnt work, can u upload it in your profile player??

10-15-2010, 12:08 PM
Sorry, it is in Guitar Pro format. I have just updated my post with a MIDI file which you should be able to play with a media player.

Axe Samurai
10-16-2010, 08:51 AM
First of all Iíd like to thank you for your pretty thorough analysis of my song I will be taking your suggestions onboard and I hope I can repay the favour with a crit at the same level of standard.

A Section:

The A section kicks us off with a very nice melody/riff which certainly does have a Celtic feel to it. I can see that you must have had an idea that somewhere throughout the song you would try to incorporate a flute line but hadnít got round to doing anything yet. I think from the start go if you where to have the flute playing an octave above the 1st guitar it would provide a lovely collection of tones as well sounding incredibly Celtic. The string ensemble is perfectly fine just providing a solid accompaniment while remaining low in the mix. Another suggestion I would make could be to make a small variation in bar 8, perhaps as simple as 2 half notes before the B section just to keep the A section feeling fresh and not like itís a song built up of copy&paste. The 2nd acoustic is grand as well, guitar pro does nothing to support it so what I would suggest is to add the down/up strokes and vary the dynamics to make it feel and sound more natural, rather than the robotic way guitar pro portrays strumming. Overall this is a very solid introduction to a song and with a little variation in bar 8 could get the ball rolling from the start and the song flowing well.

B Section:

Again there are no problems with the melody but I find it very interesting you chose to make it 6 bars long. For me it feels a bit ďwrongĒ I find that if you were to delete Bars 11-12 the B section moves more smoothly and becomes an excellent 4 bar transition section into the C section. Possible additions could be the inclusion of a harp again an octave above the guitar line which would provide further Celtic influences while sounding sweet overall.

C+C2 Section:

I would consider this to be your main section in the whole piece. The melody is just so sad and yet gentle. If you were to add in the instruments I had suggested I think this section would make for a nice dynamic contrast and would definitely make for an excellent accompaniment to some cool female vocals doing those hauntingly beautiful chants that you can find in certain songs. However the format to the C section is something that doesnít work to well for me. The 4 bar phrase is repeated twice in the C section and then the C2 section is the exact same except for the extra strum in the 2nd guitar which I donít think is a subtle enough change to make up for the repeated melody which despite being beautiful the first time you heard It has lost its shine and become repetitive and mundane. Including C+C2 section together that is 24 bars of the same melody repeated over and over again which might be fine depending on how elaborate the vocals are but I feel that small variations in the melody could do wonders for the flow of the song and keeping the listener intrigued.

D Section:

The D section is sort of similar to the C+C2 section just not as repetitive. The melody again is excellent. For me the percussion just doesnít work at all I can sort of see what you were thinking when doing it and it might just be the sounds of guitar pro that turns me off so I guess that really is a part up for personal tastes.

C+D Repeated:

The decision to then repeat C+D sections works and sounds fine and makes for a solid song structure. At the end of it all though Bars 79-80 for me donít effectively make a transition to the E section I think if you were to simply cut bar 80 down to just a single e note held by the 2 guitars and synth for 2 bars would possibly work fine.

E Section:

The E section is a crazy outro riff but for me it just seems to stumble over itself In my opinion it would be better to stay in 4/4 and make that riff fit by making the semi-quaver turns into triplets, while also bringing back that flute an octave above the guitar. And that brings me to the end.


Your melodies throughout the whole piece were excellent making it very easy to play around with and include other instruments. Small variations at times in the melody will keep the song interesting and fresh while the inclusion of flute, and harp and any other instruments from traditional Celtic music can really make your piece sound authentic.

10-18-2010, 05:45 PM
Thanks man for the comment. I really appreciate the depth as I tend to not get those too much. I have updated the song with some flute melodies and another section towards the end that changes the dynamics to just synths then synths/flutes. I still need another transition into the end part, which I am keeping irregardless of the comments towards it; though I do intend to potentially add some more to the song so it isn't so over the top in comparison to the rest of the song. That section I specifically wrote to be the concept of being "spirited away" and I think with lyrics it would make more sense and I hope it would be able to speak for me instead of having a voice there to indicate that sense of rapture.

With specific regard to your section B comment, I understand where you are coming from; but I think it makes the song more interesting by not being even musically. One would expect it to run for 4 bars, and I think the additional 2 adds a bit of tension and is quickly released into the C section.

10-19-2010, 02:52 PM
I probably owe you like 14 crits by now. So strike one of the list here. :p:

I like this. It's rather... Peaceful, happy, but with almost an undertone of melancholy [as though one had just gotten past/over a rough patch perhaps? :shrug: I dunno, just what I got from it]

I like how the melodies are folky and manage to be so without being annoying, too. That's a big deal for me. The flute ending was something else, by the way. Melancholy, just great...

One thing I'd suggest is to perhaps build up the rhythms a bit, make them a bit faster as the song drags on, so it goes somewhere, till finally in the last D section before the all synth E, everything just STOPS. I think that'd be brilliant.

And then also I'd say fade in the last guitar lead [which I almost think is BEGGING to be played on a fiddle, with some faster backing chords maybe], and then end it. Just extend that bit, cause otherwise it feels underdeveloped. At the moment it just feels like it could be more, and become really epic.

Last thing I can say is that this piece is also sorta begging for some drums and [Upright?!] bass. Not necessarily anything complicated, but to help drive it along that'd be great. And again, the drums/rhythms could build up with the song, cut out at E, and come back at the lead section. :shrug: [aside: with all these suggestions, this song could end up really sounding a lot like Tenhi. :p: ]

My two cents. They're just sorta ideas; the song is strong as is. Good work, bud! :D

10-19-2010, 06:14 PM
I really liked this. I don't like the way it ends though. I feel like it should have ended right before the E section or maybe at the end of E2. You could just end it at E2 and change the last note in the flute part to like and E or something pleasant like that. That F section just seems really unnecessary to me, but I thought it was great other than that.

There are a lot of talented people on this board. I'm impressed.

10-21-2010, 06:28 AM
I have updated the song with some cello/harp, as well as a new little section and a lower tempo for the ending. I like it more than it was and think the timbre of the harp especially adds something to the ending. Thanks for the comments as well.

10-21-2010, 03:01 PM
I would very much like to listen again/hear what the changes are like. However, it isn't working... :(

10-21-2010, 05:31 PM
I have updated it again, don't know why it didn't work. I think you will like it overall!

10-21-2010, 05:56 PM
The subtle Cello additions are very nice. I approve of them. Especially towards the end.

That said, I think the melody the harp plays at the end now feels a little bit off time in comparison to the trem picked lead [all of that is brilliant btw, aside from that minor detail]. I feel like it'd almost be better perfectly on time, or a half not off. I dunno. [I also felt like the sad as **** flute melody of E2 would lend really well to a Cello...]

Otherwise, tis better. Very nice. xD