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12-30-2010, 08:23 PM
So atm, I've been playing for a year and 7 months or so, I'm still average I know a few songs etc and just wanting to jam with people and learn stuff, but still want to do serious stuff later on

So I'm now jamming with friends of friends and friends, We have two other guitarists for some reason, a drummer who's played before but only for a few months 5 years ago or so, he's not really good but he can still do very simple things and I just play riffs over the top of him and try stay in time, and i tell him what to play really.

The main issue is, the other guitarists just seems to be not willinging to learn new stuff or anything other than parkway drive, I've only been playing parkway drive for 2 weeks now, but I know 3 of their songs now,

He doesn't want to write orignil songs at all for some reason, nor learn any of my stuff i've written. He tries to play EVERYTHING full speed with no practice so everything is sloppy as all hell he misses notes everywhere which just annoys me.

We have a vocalist who's young but he's pretty good for his age,

I'm just trying to figure out where to go and if this would actually help me progress

But all they're really doing is sitting around drinking while jamming and just playing the same songs and messing around really. sometimes they're not even playing the same things.

The other thing is they're all ZOMG WE'RE GONNA BE FAMOUSZZZZ and I'm just kinda.. errr.

Atm I'm just trying to find others to jam with, I think I'd rather jam with randoms than friends, Am i the only one who thinks like this? But i'll still probably jam with them anyway cause they're all friends, and maybe just use them to gain experience jamming with others and getting into the flow of everything, Is that a good idea?

It's fun jamming and stuff but it just annoys me for some reason

12-30-2010, 08:43 PM
sounds like you need to find more focused peeps to jam with. playing a few songs together is all well and good but if they aren't up for messing around with original stuff then better to just go with the ones who do or find other people. the last band i was in ended up like this only the other way round all we did was write originalstuff as the other guitarist wouldn't learn any covers to broaden his style, playing ability or even just to have a warmup and never practiced and in the end it failed completely. so yeah find others to jam with would be my recommendation also might be worth keeping the drummer as you may evolve musically together.

12-30-2010, 10:01 PM
Yeah, I guess cause it's mostly friends I'll still prob just jam with them on the side but have a proper band to play with, But may I add the other guitarist refuses to also learn theory and chords *facepalm*

one of the other guitarists lives with the drummer as well, so it's easy to organize jamming with them, and the drummer as been my best mate for like 10 years so I'll probably end up jamming with him a lot, and I guess it's good practice either way