Ghost Town (Hardcore) GP5/Midi C4C


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The Shroom420
02-13-2011, 05:37 PM
Don't really know what kind of genre to place this song in. And don't mind the drums since I'm not a drummer. Just something there to keep the beat, I'm not even sure if a person would be able to do this. Anyways-

Mean Mr Mustard
02-13-2011, 10:50 PM
Some parts were pretty good, however I saw a few things I thought Id comment on.
- The rhythm for bar 6 was bad, the guitar rhythms were too complex for the simple quarter note beats on the drums and bass. Now what I would do to fix the rhythm is to have it start out with the sixteenth note powerchord, and then instead of two muted 32nd notes, have 4 of them. Then go to the eighth note powerchord, then a dotted eighth note powerchord, then the last two powerchords as quarter notes. Hope thats not confusing, I can attach a demonstration if you want, but this is the rhythm I found to work the best.
- Bar 27, the rhythm that the drums does doesnt work. Instead of the cymbals playing 4 quarter notes, you need to accentuate on the rhythm of the guitar like, make it Quarter note, sixteenth note REST, Quarter, Quarter, Dotted Eighth. That rhythm sounds nice, and you can change your drum line easily by just adding a sixteenth note bass drum . I think Ill attach a file to show you how I would do the drums at this part, and the guitars at the other part.
- The part at 92 on was sweet, really pumped me up.

Overall, good job, but the drums were pretty poor. I wasnt a fan of the tapping section either, some notes felt a little off to me. But it was a good song.