Post-Hardcore Dealio (GP5/4 MIDI) C4C


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Uber Man
02-19-2011, 10:54 PM
I've been listening to a lot of Alexisonfire and Rise Against lately, and i guess this is the result. lol

I was trying to play with the structure a bit so it wasn't plain old boring A B A B C B and finally got it to where i think it sounds ok. When i write lyrics i do intend there to be both singing and screaming parts, (just not 100% sure where yet)

Anyway if you give me a crit and a link I'll be sure to get back to you :) C4C!!!!!!!!!!

*EDIT* time out, for some reason everything is cut out after measure 122, and the markers are all gone :S

**EDIT** ok, somewhere along the way of writing this i changed the save place and it seems that i uploaded the wrong version :S but i found the full one now. :D

02-19-2011, 11:07 PM
Critting as I listen:

Intro Riff: I like it. It has the standard phc feel, but the drums feel fast paced and epic. The riff that comes afterwards I'm assuming is a verse, and is pretty sweet as well. no problems here. I was really excited once the rhythm guitar began playing the chugging c chords....screaming/growling would DEFINITELY need to go here as opposed to during the melodic sections. I'm seeing lots of potential here for epic screams and chants, or even call/response vocals XD . Ok so goes back into another short verse and then the main riff, sick..

OH SHIT! I didn't expect there to be an epic chorus riff...I thought the main riff was the high point of the song, guess I thought wrong. The chorus sounds excellent, the short 2/4 transfer riff fits right in, and the chord progression is great.

So repeat of previous riffs until measure 82. To be honest I didnt like 82-106. The song started off really high energy and it feels like it sort of lost momentum here. Also the guitar riffs are sort of simple..maybe you could throw in more complex rhythms or melodies to spice it up? I liked the bass riff underneath though, and think I see what you were going for. I also thought measures 107-122 were good, but need to be defined a bit more. It sounds like they are meant to be an outro riff, so I guess you could try and work the drums and bass in so that they reflect that. Or maybe you could do a fade out? IDK it seems like it ended pretty suddenly...

I really liked the first half of the song, especially the upbeat chorus. I would definitely think about reworking the parts of the second half so they are more "interesting", and possibly even bring the chorus back for a reprise. The first PHC song I've heard that I would put on my ipod- great job! I'd also love to hear a finished version of this :) Also, as far as singing goes, I would DEFINITELY put screaming in the measures where guitars are playing the low c chords, (verse and a part in the chorus) and keep melodic singing when the guitars are playing higher (if that makes any sense lol)


Mean Mr Mustard
02-22-2011, 10:43 PM
Wow I really liked this. Very catchy post-hardcore, yet sounded pretty unique and original to me. It could use some nice catchy vocal lines and some screams here and there.