Sands Of Time Pt I (Metalcore)


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02-27-2011, 03:21 AM
Hey, this is a song I just put the finishing touches on. Let me know what you think, positive or negative!

02-27-2011, 03:37 AM
Critting as I listen:

The intro is nice. Then the other acoustic guitar comes in. It seems out of key. Consider changing that progression. I like how the drums come in softly and slowly builds up to the main riff. Now the main riff itself sounds great on it's own, but again, I feel like it's in the wrong key. The next few riffs sound nice, a bit deathcore-ish at times, which isn't really a bad thing. Then the chorus comes. Sounds nice. I get an ABR/Veil of Maya vibe from this. At 103 you have these power chords in the rhythm guitar, but I feel like you should maybe embellish them a bit more. Have them outline the lead more. I like the breakdown with the lead on top at 112. It sounds really good. I feel like you took the cheap way out of transitioning from heavy to acoustic though. For the lead at 120, fade out with the 15th fret on the 2nd highest string and have the rhythm guitars play chords of what's about to be played by the rhythm acoustic and the make your transition from there. See how that works.

Overall it has a lot of potential. C4C?