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03-23-2011, 03:41 AM
Heya guys, so I wrote a piece for College, and cant really describe it. I have to write about it and say what genre it is and talk about the genre and all that, but I didnt really write it with a genre in mind, so Id like it if you could tell me what you think of it.

Its kinda a guitar instrumental, with a fairly long solo section. I created two versions, one with this section shortened but I like the organ and guitar stuff going on so im going to keep it in. Also has a bit at the end that is a bit crazy, influenced by petrucci and dave brubeck (you might recognise a but of blue rondo alla turk in there)
I didnt get round to writing drums., and wouldnt really know how.

Cheers, Bryce

03-23-2011, 06:31 AM
Ill upload a MIDI export too for those who dont have guitar pro.

Not necessarily looking for a full critique, just your thoughts on what genre it fits into, who it sounds like etc as I wouldnt really know how to define it, other than calling it weird. Any other advice is welcome of course, but I wont be changing it dramatically as I have to hand it in to my tutor soon.

03-23-2011, 06:49 AM
This is pretty good. It really would benefit from some proper drums, though.

You're right about the Petrucci thing, it does sound like it could be something off his solo album, or maybe something by LTE.

I really dig the slow section. Pretty bluesy and groovy. I can only imagine how soaked in jammin' it would be in real life. I also like how you brought back in that earlier riff for a transition.

Section at 60 sounds really cool, I wish you would have extended though before bringing back the first riff. I think you could have made some pretty cool variations of that feel and had it gone on for at least a minute.

The sections come and go a bit too rapidly for my taste, I think you should work on transitioning between them more fluidly and making them last a little longer. Also, an outro might also help here. And you should really at least TRY writing for drums, because if you keep telling yourself you don't know how, you will never learn. I had no idea how when I started composing, but I did it anyway, and now it's second nature.

Hey, do you think you could a drop a crit on this when you have time? Thanks in advance, and good job.