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03-28-2011, 05:23 PM
So yeah, I just made this song over the weekend. I really like the guitar parts but some of the bass and majority of the drums need work, I'm still pretty bad at doing those :rolleyes: But I'll let you guys decide on whether you think it sounds okay or not.
Critic for critic as always. Any advice on how to improve this would be nice, still need a bit of work on transitioning and yeah.

Also, I was listening to this earlier without my headphones and noticed I couldn't hear the bass at all so make sure you can hear the bass otherwise the intro will sound very bland and boring along with other parts of the song.

03-30-2011, 11:50 AM
well, it's interesting to say the least :p:
The music is kind of weird and often dissonant, but I still like it, kind of reminds me of The Cure in a way (their less happy songs that is).
There were some parts that really were a bit too dissonant though (i.e. bar 27 & 28) but maybe that's just something you wanted to achieve ;)
Bass was kind of weird, maybe it's just because I have a different look on bass, but I find that bass is more to give a steady ground to the song, along with drums. Here I was lacking that foundation a bit, constantly being thrown around from piece to piece. Again, if that was meant to be the case, then it's great, but if it wasn't I'd maybe look into re-writing some off the basslines (not all, in the intro and repeats of the intro it was fine, other places too :p: ) Don't be afraid to let bass follow guitar partly, it helps to create a kind of steadier sound.
The drums definitely need some work (as you explained). Try combining several things at the same time (i.e. bass drum + snare + hi-hat, or tom + crash), it'll give a fuller sound to the drums and the song overall too.

Hopefully I've helped you a bit

03-30-2011, 01:33 PM
Thanks, that was very helpful. I kind of have a problem when writing bass in the fact that I don't like it to really follow the guitar with just root notes or anything, but rather have it do its own thing, while that can be fine at times it should have more structure to keep the flow of the song.
The drums will most likely get rewritten once I became better at writing them (as if ha), the only thing is I can never get anything that sounds really decent, usually its just something annoyingly loud or out of place.
Also yeah, I like dissonance a lot in my pieces. I'd love to write happy songs, but I never get any riff ideas that sound happy so I end up going into a different direction lol.

03-30-2011, 04:37 PM
A fairly nice piece, quite atmospheric, not really the sort of thing I was expecting when I saw the title actually. Most important thing to improve on here is the drums. As poipoi said, get some bass drum and snare in thee with hi-hats etc. Try looking at drum tabs on similar songs you like to get an idea of what to go for.
Another thing to consider is that there is the same sort of feel throughout the whole song, you could consider adding some parts with different kind of textures/ rhythms to take the song different places... The arrangements are quite minimal/ sparse, perhaps you could add a section with a fuller sound to contrast. That's just a thought though, you could perfectly well decide to keep how it is now, depends what exactly you wanna go for.