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Mean Mr Mustard
04-09-2011, 12:39 PM
So I know that I havent posted here in forever. Its mainly because me and a friend started an acoustic project and were looking to write some pop-punk, which isn't really what I would normally post. Because of this, I havent really been able to write as much of the music I used to write, but I found this leftover that I never posted

Its called Harmonius Sings as the Pendulum Swings I guess, its in 2 parts, to be separated by two tracks. However, this will probably just be a hobby of mine, I probably wont look to record any of my progressive metal or post hardcore stuff :/. At least not any time soon. But regardless of that, Id still love to know what you guys think! I still want to make improvements to it and all that.

So yeah, this is maybe my most "prog metal" song Ive posted, but I definitely still focused on having melody and structure in there.

And C4C of course

The Buttmonkey
04-12-2011, 06:19 PM
Loved the intro, all of it. Without question.

The part from 44-59 took a few listens, I thought it lacked groove at first, but the second listen I found myself appreciating it more.

60-67 sounds a little strange, with the brutal chugs under the nice melody, but it may just be me.

67-83 I little funky, but it was growing on me. Love the reverb effect you got going on.

100-115 Beautiful. 116 The next riff's not doing much for me. 134-151 like this riff. pretty creative. 152 lolwut? a blast beat? A bit random but does fairly well here. didn't particularly like the chord prog. but that's not important. 170 ahh, pretty again. Glad to see a fellow sus2 (add9) brother. lol. 202-217 QUite good, but I think your using the let ring too much, especially for a distorted guitar. Also I think the synth notes could be better chosen. 218 this riff does better here. towards the end there's a lot of 5ths and 7ths and 3rds I believe, and those aren't bad, but not particularly good, I would take a couple of repeating bars out, a little repetitive there.

At the end, random sawtooth run is random. I would change, but not that bad. just not "memorable" for the end, ya know?


Potential for more upon more listens.