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06-06-2011, 03:42 PM
Okay so I was going over the tune "Stash" and got this as the main chord progression (for the solo anyway): Dm7-Bb7-E7b5-A7b9 (which I'm told is a rip of Charles Mingus' "Jump Monk" (although I thought that was a T. Monk song, but...this is just what the article said. Maybe Trey got it from listening to the Mingus version?)).

ANYWAY...haha, the article I was looking at said that it is all diatonic to D Aeolian (natural minor) with the exception of A7b9 which is from D Harmonic Minor. Makes some sense. The problem I'm having with this thinking is that the b7 of Bb7 is Ab which is NOT diatonic to D natural minor. It's a b5 of D there which leads me to believe that it is D Locrian tonallity. Am I wrong here?

If I'm correct then the scales change each bar. D nat. minor over Dm7, D Locrian over Bb7, D nat. minor again over Em7b5 and finally D Harmonic minor over A7b9. Is it really just a matter of switching between these scales each bar? Does anyone have any alternate scales that might work over some of these chords?


06-06-2011, 03:45 PM
Something I just thought of after posting this is a little exercise that could be fun over this kind of progression. I'm going to try it, so here it is. Come up with a melody in D natural minor that utilizes all of the notes that will change over the course of the progression (5-b5, b7-7) and play that line continuously while changing the proper notes. I'm actually pretty certain that this is something Phish has done for a LONG time with many of their songs/jams. Just a thought.