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11-11-2011, 02:40 PM

This is pretty much something to stop me fromg etting bored. Little to no work put into it, and yet I find it strangely charming. I think its worth posted, anyhoo.

Here is 'Cordiceps'

11-11-2011, 03:49 PM
I liked the first 3 sections, kind of sounds like something you'd hear in a video, although a bit more was going on in this. I'm kind of mixed on the trumpet section you have in the third section though. I mean, it fits sure, but I think you could of done something better.
The ending was decent although I feel the song could of went on much longer, but its fine as is.

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I just realized this is the second time I criticized one of your pieces and asking you to return the critic for the same song of mine and you have still yet to do so :| NOT COOL