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06-27-2012, 12:18 PM
Greetings to everyone @ U-G,
I love this site and everything it offers. I do however want to suggest that there be a function added to the Tabs here. I would love to see an alternate tuning option. A way to change what is displayed on the tabs according to tuning. Perhaps it could be based on middle C? Like Middle C + or - (x) half steps per string or something of the sort.
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06-27-2012, 08:15 PM
Dude, when posting your tab in text form it is very easy to mark out the tunings as Eb or whatever you want in the tab, or simply have it in standard and say in your intro to tune half a step down (If Eb Standard is what you're going for, it's the one I'm most experinced in.

Eg (I dont know how to post tab properly)


So, its very easy to mark out different tunings in your tabs. As the string tuning changes, so do the frets on the guitar, everything is moved down a semitone.

I really don't see your problem tbh.

07-17-2012, 03:02 PM
Perhaps I have misspoke (er... mistyped) I'm not posting tabs, I'm reading them. I was wanting to be able to change the tuning on a tab that's displayed... not one I'm contributing.

Also, my tuning isn't a standard guitar tuning... I play Chapman Stick. It's upside down 5ths and 4ths outward from the center. The high side of the bass side is E then lower A then lower D then lower G then lower C (ending above low B on a 5 string bass). The melody side is in straight 4ths from F# over low E on a guitar from the center out.

Yes, I know I can just do the intervalic math on a tablature. However, it's kind of a long process and is at times confusing. I also think it would serve others out there to be able to just augment what they see right on a tab based on whatever tuning they choose to use. As I'm sure that you know, not everyone plays in a standard intervallic relationship that most traditional guitars use.

I hope that clarifies what my wishes were and thanks for your response.

07-18-2012, 02:24 AM
Okay, it seems like you play a tuning thats pretty way out there.

Forgive me for not being able to check whether a chapman stick is an instrument or tuning. I'll presume its both.

Firstly, this site is kinda called, not As such, there is a facility to move tabbed songs up or down semitones, however that clearly won't work for you.

Perhaps, and I'm only guessing here, you download a guitarpro file and open it with tux guitar and then change the tunings of each of the strings, with the added facility. I'm sorry I can't confirm whether this will even work, but it *could* move the note down with the tuning, or, you could arrange the tunings to your instrument and then open a file. The notation will be the same but you *should* have it fretted differently.

Sorry I can't really help, but try that and see what happens.

07-21-2012, 02:35 PM
A Chapman Stick is the instrument. The tuning I used is called "Classic" Chapman Stick tuning. Its 5ths in the 5 bass strings(like a cello) and straight 4ths on the 5 melody strings (like a guitar without that funny B string). Yes, my tuning is way out there compared to a traditionally tuned guitarist. It's my chosen lot in life... what can I say? If you've never seen the instrument, I suggest a little googling or having a look @ You won't be sorry you did haha.

I've not heard of Tux Guitar but I'll be hitting the old Google in just a moment. Thank you for all of your input.
Be good,