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08-19-2012, 07:05 PM
Hi there, Nathan here.
Just like to apologies to any forum moderator if I have posted in the wrong category, but I could't really see anything about guitar related music theory.

I Have been "playing" for 5 years since I was 13 (now almost 18) but didn't really take the whole guitar thing seriously, till I discovered Joe Bonamassa (I understand some people don't like him , but I think he rocks!) and now I have been looking into guitaring seriously - I am also teaching myself to play the violin too, and scales is something that is transferable, so is a big thing for me.

I only have a small question about positions on the scale. I understand if you get the shape of a A major pentatonic scale and shift it up a tone, you get B major pentaonic scale - but what about a B major pentaonic scale at the same position as the A Major?
Then I have to learn a new shape... but then I realised there are 12 different shapes for each scale , and there are tons of different scales...

I have trouble remembering 2 shapes, let alone 240 - and remember each sound of each one too...

So my question is - is it really necessary to learn all these shapes? or are there common use one's? if there are, It would be great if you could point them out.
I understand that major and minor are the main scales in western music along with the pentatonic...

so say I remember all 12 different shapes of a scale - now it's about remembering which ones I can use and knowing what shape each note refers too...

soo much to remember... :wtf:

I apologise about the sheer wall of text this post has been.

Thanks for your time,

Nathan :llama:

08-19-2012, 10:43 PM
Focus on the ones that YOU will use. Look for an emotion in the scale you play. If you like it, then work with it, if you don't, then avoid it. You might eventually learn to like all the scales, but I know for a fact that I attract to certain minor scales more than anything.

08-20-2012, 02:23 AM
For theory head into Musician's Talk:

08-20-2012, 11:09 PM
It would take more than one post to explain it all clearly and in a way you can get practicing. However, I'll give you a link to a great website that could give you quick answers. It should help you to work out the hand positions you were looking for.
This will show you the notes of pretty much any scale you can think of in any key. It will not tell you why they are what they are. The 'why' is the most important thing with theory. You can try to memorise all the scales, but that's sort of missing the point. Look up the scale intervals of the types of scale you're wanting to learn and try to understand what's going into it. Then you can work out scales as you play, rather than trying to commit them all to memory. You'll eventually remember them from just playing around and learning how they work.

[WHOOPS. I Didn't notice the link to the Musician's Talk thread in the above post. Sorry about that. I'm a noob here.]