WHAT GUITAR to learn to shred..?????????? F*CK its urgent ..!!!


View Full Version : WHAT GUITAR to learn to shred..?????????? F*CK its urgent ..!!!

aditya paul
08-20-2012, 03:30 PM
yoo.. fellas...!!!
im looking forward to buy a new guitar this month...

n basically wat im lukin for is a mohagony body guitar with a good floyd rose bridge...with decent pickups...n it has to be a 24 frets.....

my bugdet is limited to nt more than 1000 $

i have some models in my mind..

LTD 1000 FR

mohagony body
lespaul type
24 frets
ebony fret board
orignal floyd rose
EMG 81 n 60

BC RICH mocking bird pro x

it has the same fetures of the ltd 1000fr

SCHECTER synyster gates special

it has seymour duncan invaders pickups

floyd rose 1000 series

other than dat...same...like the ones above

soo....which is better...in tone..n playability...

i have reletively small fingers...
so which one will suit me better....

i lukin forward to learn shredding on my nxt elec. guitar...
im into metal/heavy rock/ proggressive rock /classic rock...n stufff...i want to shred like mike angelo n ynwie malmsteen....n also crazy whammy stuff like steve vai do...ud probably say me to buy their signature models...but i need a guitar in the specs i mentioned above....so which guitar will help me bring out more output

other than these models please suggest me smthing like wat i want...

08-20-2012, 03:45 PM
You can shred on any guitar. Just try out some guitars, and pick the one that feels the best.

08-20-2012, 04:12 PM
Dont buy a guitar based on pictures and specs just choose go to your local guitar shop and try a bunch. For shredding you should really be looking at necks that feel comfortable to you also scale length is a big thing. Typically for shredding people go for the 25.5" but if your fingers are small you might want the 24.75". Try em out though and decide which is best. Tone should be secondary since your probably gonna run this through distortion anyways and you can always change pickups.