Eh, new guy.


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10-25-2012, 01:25 PM
I'm not really new to UG, as I'm always on here getting tabs, but I'm new to the forums.

I figure I'll just tell everyone what music I'm into and what I play.

Alright, so I listen to most Thrash Metal, Black, Death, Alternative Rock, Hardcore, and Indie (strange combination, huh?).

I play ThrashDeath with my garage band, Sickle. We haven't really made a name for ourselves and we're not yet a year in.

So..yeah, that's about it. Glad to be part of the UG community :headbang:

10-25-2012, 01:51 PM
Welcome to the UG forums :)

Hope you enjoy your time here and if you haven't already you should post some of your garage thrashdeath for all of us to enjoy

10-25-2012, 01:53 PM
Welcome Skycaptin, introduce yourself in here:

10-25-2012, 02:07 PM
Hello :wavey:

I am your new best friend.
Not really.

10-25-2012, 02:20 PM

I'm not your best friend, but I'm your best new friend, and that's a fact.

10-25-2012, 05:17 PM
We've got plenty of material, we just haven't recorded anything (we're working on that. We have a friend who owns his own recording booth so we plan on getting some stuff recorded real soon).

And I'm honestly not sure how I missed the first post O.O

Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome XD I can see I'm going to enjoy it here! :headbang: