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11-03-2005, 03:51 PM
Hey guys... group of us have got together doing a totally original song for an assignment at college... the song is weird lol

Its like heavy de-tuned guitars with turntables (nu metal!) and we got a drum n bass background...

Trouble is, we got the riffs sorted for the verse and chorus and it was my project as lead to work on a solo. There is two of us and we are playing harmony so its sounding pretty sweet so far... I just want some help with the solo and possibly a bridge to put in it but I will post the chords/riffs for the verse and chorus, and the solo lick I have created before I ask what i need...

Tuning - C G C F A D (for those of you lazy asses, tune to drop D, will sound alryt too)

Main Riff

d -----------------------------
a -----------------------------
f -----------------------------
c -0003---0005--00065----
g -0003---0005--00065----
c -0003---0005--00065-----

Note - The barre on the sixth should be held slightly longer and it sounds equally
good palm muted or not. C chord is triplets!!!


d ---------------------------------------------
a ----------------------------------------------
f ----------------------------------------------
c -000030---000050--000065--000053--
g -000030---000050--000065--000053--
c -000030---000050--000065--000053--

Note - Emphasise all the chords with exception to the c (ie open strings)

Solo Lick

d -12 10----12 10----12-10----12-------13-----
a --------11--------11--------11------------------
f ----------------------------------------------------
c --------------------------------------------------- X2!!
g ---------------------------------------------------
c ----------------------------------------------------

d -13 12----13 12----13-12----13-------15-----
a --------13--------13--------13-------------------
f ----------------------------------------------------
c ---------------------------------------------------- X2!!
g ----------------------------------------------------
c ----------------------------------------------------

then repeat it and I wanna end it with some kind of run. obviously triplets for the lick
with exception to the last two notes which you hold slightly longer.

Ok so what do i want of you guys? Well first thing is something to lead up to that solo lick!!!! Anything just not something really fast!

Second... some kind of run to end it with after this lick again not too fast

And finally - I'm thinkin of a kind of bridge for after the solo to play clean, somethin like Killswitch Engage's end of heartache clean section.

Help is appreciated guys!

11-08-2005, 03:58 PM
Play some sort of flowing arpeggios perhaps, not necessarily sweep picking but arpeggiated runs I think would be nice. Something like Gm Bb Cm Ddim [x2!!]? Eb [x2!!]

All straight eighth notes. Insert your two parts where it says Ddim and Eb, respectively.

-SD :dance: