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#1 synth
04-09-2006, 09:56 PM
You Can?t Tell Me What To Do

I have a brain
I have a mind
You may have yours
But I still have mine!

I can make my choices
I dunno about you
Lemme run my life
You can?t tell me what to do!

I have a brain
I have a mind
You can use yours
Now lemme use mine

I don?t wanna listen to you

So now you understand
I hope your grasping the picture
And if you still don?t understand:

I don?t wanna, wanna listen to you
You can?t tell me what to do
I don?t wanna, wanna listen to you
You can?t tell me what to do

I don?t wanna listen to you
I wanna do, what I wanna do
I don?t care what you say
You can?t tell me what to do!

Get away from me
You can?t tell me what to do!
I don?t wanna entertain
This aint a game anymore
Get away from me
You Can?t tell me what to do!

Chloroform Crafts the Greatest Dreams

No fresh air will fill my lungs
No syllogism grant me grace
A wish is wished, a song to Christ
To turn a leaf another season
And breathe the fragrance of the sky
Dreams now shattered, split awry
Within the nipping nauseous fumes
Caused by the dreamers in their wake
They change the overbearing beauty
But never the nauseas strife

The consequence of wish?s egotism
And foul sludge of judgment
To stop the rainfall pouring down the livid river
And slipping through the cracks of boulders
While shaping the bed in which I rest
Whilst I shape the dream of a wish I wished
To change a beauty to another
And change the season of the leaf

Yellow, red, then brown, now sitting dead
A sweet roulette of chanced transcendence
Commenting on the wheel that?s spinning
And counting down the days I have
To woo my wishes into place
And analyze the tree?s sweet turning
Fragmenting seasons and the leave?s sweet veins
As they pump the blood which craft the greatest dreams
At least I know mine are crafted so

I just know fresh air will never fill my lungs
For the wish I wished, the call to Christ
Will flow through that sweet livid river
But the consequence of that wish?s egotism
Will only change the beauty and never the nauseous strife

04-09-2006, 10:02 PM
Orange FTW

04-09-2006, 10:08 PM
Green. The first one was terrible.

04-09-2006, 11:09 PM
Green. :haha

04-09-2006, 11:21 PM


04-10-2006, 12:06 AM
ok, no offense to the orange one but it's like a Simple Plan song, an EARLY, EARLY, EARLY simple plan song, like something i'd imagine Pierre having written when HE was 13-14

So has to be Green

04-10-2006, 12:13 AM
Auals you know the guys name from simple plan. shame on you. Honestly i didn't evne read the green one but i'm voting for it because Orange was that weak.

#1 synth
04-10-2006, 12:17 AM
yay for the process of elimination! :D

04-10-2006, 12:36 AM
Further, we have some really stupid people at my school, a friend of mine rocked up at school the other day wearing an SP jumper and i had to pretend their mother made them wear it because otherwise i couldn't be around them, they are now an exfriend because they decided to listen to simple plan during our music lesson... back on topic, people at my school like simple plan and i *takes deep breath* USED to be one of them...

04-10-2006, 01:06 PM

04-13-2006, 02:03 PM
Oh man, Orange is revolutionary.

But Green.

04-14-2006, 03:14 PM
Green, sorry, orange dude.

#1 synth
04-14-2006, 09:47 PM
only eleven minutes till this poll closes, its a pretty close race...

:p: :p: :p:

04-15-2006, 11:40 AM
ok i'm just going to say this even though i know it's closed


Sorry :(

04-15-2006, 11:46 AM
This is probably the biggest blow out I've ever seen.

#1 synth
04-15-2006, 11:50 AM
Well, i guess I win, good game PunkRocker :)

04-15-2006, 11:51 AM
i got done almost as bad in my first one :( so it's sorta pay back for all the past times i've lost because i've NEVER lost THIS BAD... :) :p:

04-15-2006, 12:01 PM
orange wins!

04-23-2006, 01:12 AM