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05-04-2006, 02:29 PM
Hey Everyone

I noticed that there seems to be a real lack of SRV music videos around even though it's well known that he made several.

I just recently discovered the video for "Cold Shot" (cudos to "eXor" for making that topic) and it was fantastic. So i'd really like to try to find more of his.

I thought it'd be handy if we just grouped all the music videos we could find into one thread.

Here's the cold shot one:

Also, this is a compilation that's a tribute to a bunch of noted blues artists (SRV in particular) and there's several scenes from a few of his music videos that might help us pinpoint some.

Cheers and Happy Hunting!

PS: Please note this is just for music videos. Lord knows there's enough live footage of Stevie to last a lifetime.