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12-10-2006, 06:45 PM
hey guys

i am looking to play sum new songs on my electric guitar, and was hoping sum 1 wud be able to give me a few ideas on great guitar intros


12-10-2006, 06:54 PM
wrong forum pal.

12-10-2006, 06:55 PM
"Thunderstruck"--AC/DC that should take up some time. Cool one once you learn it, though.

Alex The Red
12-10-2006, 06:58 PM
I say start with the basics: Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin is the epitome of Rock. It's exactly how a band with an electric guitar should sound. Plus!!! it's pretty simple and it sounds awesome

after that when you become an intermediate you could work on some Rush or something.

12-10-2006, 08:55 PM
wrong forum. try the guitar & bass basics forum and maybe electric guitar for ideas.