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12-10-2006, 10:14 PM
A new song. It has a melo-death sound but its different then my stuff.. kinda has a viking sound to it.. thats where viKing come from.. lol But yeah, tell me what you think. Crit4Crit.

Nunwhxre 666
12-11-2006, 01:04 AM
Critting as I listen...the intro sounds metalcore, IMO. The next riff, is kinda slow and boring. The one after that is a bit better. Then it goes back to that other riff, which I'm guessing is the verse? Then the slightly cooler one again. And again back to the boring riff. You kinda need to change things up. It's gotten really boring. Then the riff it goes into before the solo is pretty bland. But, the solo is really nice. I liked that alot. So that's a plus there. Then the riff after the solo sounds alot like metalcore, but it's pretty dang badass. Especially when you start harmonizing it. That's Grade A material right there. Loving it. Then it goes back to those semi-boring riffs that are played many times in the song. You need to change those, because they're pretty boring and repeat far too much. I really liked how you revisited the intro in the outro. That riff is really nice.

But, overall this song is fairly decent, but could use some work, because it gets boring and repetive at parts. But, it also had it's strong points, which were mainly the metalcore riffs you have in there. They were good stuff. 6/10.

Crit one of mine if you get the chance? Links in sig.

12-12-2006, 12:30 PM
The intro is good but i didnt like the harmonies there.
I didnt like brake after the intro.
And the riffs after that was just as bad, but good harmonies.
And its too repetitive.
I liked some parts of your solo, but the backing track screwd it up.
And finaly the last riff, it was realy good, but again too repetitive.

12-12-2006, 07:20 PM
Bar 1-12: Pretty Catchy. But a bit repetitive. And the pause on 13 sounds bad (unless there's a bass/drum fill there or something.)

Bar 14-17: It's catchy, but doesn't suit the song. It's too slow for the 16th notes of the intro. It sounds more like an interlude, and should be later in the song

Bar 18-21: Didn't like this part at all. The three power chords at the end are too fast (but bar limits and all that crap).

Bar 21-29: All repeats.

Bar 30-33: A good break, but repetitive. And I really don't like those three power choruds at the end.

Bar 34-37: Here, I think bar 36 and bar 37 should be cut out, and just have the two bars of open notes before the solo.

Bar 38-52 (The Solo): The intro is pretty catchy, but in bar 44, you switch to eighth third notes, which throws off the fast crazy solo feel. It picks up again, though. I especially liked the fast notes in bar 50. And the ending is pretty good too.

Bar 56-59: This is catchy, and has the grinding metal feel to it.

Bar 60-67: Basically the same, but you can only have so much of a good thing, and it starts to get repetitive here.

Bar 68-74: Repeats.

Bar 75-86: The intro riff returns! My favorite part of the song, but there should be some harmonies at the start, or something like that.

Bar 87: I don't like the ending. It goes from fast to super fast, then cuts off (and on a bad note too.)

P.S. I left out bars 53, 54, & 55 because it's not much of a riff.

Overall: Catchy but repetitive.